Benjamin Kalu scored a landmark victory with South East Development Commission 

“A Bill that will see the region enjoy priority consideration by law on its lingering infrastructure deficit is a welcomed development by all”

By Our Reporter

53 years after the devastation of the civil war that left entire South East Nigeria arbitrarily disconnected from development plans of the Federal government,
Rt Hon, Benjamin kalu the Deputy Speaker, Federal house of Representatives made an epoch history at the Green Chambers when he led the House to pass a Bill on South East Development Commission.

A Bill that will see the region enjoy priority consideration by law on its lingering infrastructure deficit that has almost set the people of the South East deserting their homeland at will to establish and develop every other region in Nigeria except their own homeland due to acclaimed lack of FG presence.

Ben Kalu delivering a speech a the Green Chambers said; “I am delighted that the House of Representatives successfully passed the bill for the establishment of the South East Development Commission after fifty-three long years”

In his statement, This commission when established will be charged with the responsibility of receiving and managing funds from allocation of the Federation Account for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of roads, houses and other infrastructural damages suffered by the region as a result of the effect of the civil war. I’m addition the commission will as well tackle the ecological problems and any other related environmental or developmental challenges in the Southeast States which include Abia, Imo, Enugu, Anambra and Ebonyi. 

Incidentally, the passage of this bill comes at a time when the initiative of Peace in South East Project a non kinetic approach to resolving the socio-economic and sociological challenges is being pursued.

The passage of this bill will instill hope and a sense of belonging among the people of the Southeast, paving the way for a new era marked by prosperity and vitality in the region.

Rt. Hon. Benjamin Kalu, deputy speaker Federal house of Representatives, Nigeria.

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