Supreme Court refusal to free Nnamdi Kanu; Using the Nigeria Judiciary to entrench injustices against the Igbos

The recent Supreme Court Judgment is not a surprise to the average Igbos whom has remained the sacrificial lamb for Nigeria’s pseudo existence and fragile unity.

By our reporter

Nigeria’s Supreme Court has dismissed an Appeal Court decision which ordered the release of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

In a judgment read by Justice Emmanuel Agim, the apex court noted that despite series of illegalities carried out by the government including a military raid on his home prompting his fleeing the country for safety, and his subsequent extradition from Kenya, that’s not enough to stop a trial.

The apex court while condemning the action of the government says the law of Nigeria hasn’t gotten to a point that a trial will stop on account of illegality by the prosecution, adding that is a matter of legislation.

The court says Kanu should therefore seek redress by a civil suit against the infringement of fundamental rights.

With this judgment, the trial of the IPOB leader on the remaining seven count charge bordering on terrorism and treason will continue at the Federal High Court.
It is a clear knowledge to every discerning Nigerian and the world that there is no recorded act of terrorism against Nnamdi Kanu at anywhere in Africa not to mention Nigeria other than the ones cooked up by the Nigerian corrupted judiciary system
Secondly, it has been established multiple times on the right of every individuals to self determination under the UN Charter and it reads’
“Whereas the right of peoples and nations to self-determination is a prerequisite to the full enjoyment of all fundamental human rights,

Whereas the Charter of the United Nations, under Articles 1 and 55, aims to develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the equal rights and self-determination of peoples in order to strengthen universal peace,”
Nigeria is a signatory to this Charter but has resolved to stoke violence to the peaceful and law abiding entrepreneurial people of the South East, the Igbo nation but subjecting every individual from the South East to every form of oppression both political, social and economy.

The recent Supreme Court Judgment is not a surprise to the average Igbos whom has remained the sacrificial lamb for Nigeria’s fragile unity.
However, this injustice may not stand as no nation or group has ever survived on this level of impunity and injustice practiced by the Nigeria elitists political class. Nigeria continues to deepen its woes by the level of injustice it continue to mete out to people of the South East at every frontiers with the recent example of depriving the winner of the 2023 Presidential election Mr. Peter Obi of the Labour Party for no other reasons than he is Igbo.
On 13 October 2022, the Court of Appeal in Abuja, had ordered the release of Nnamdi Kanu after striking out the terrorism and treasonable felony charge filed by the Nigerian government.

However, the government lodged an appeal at the Supreme Court to overturn the appellate court’s decision freeing Mr Kanu. It also obtained an order remanding him pending the determination of its appeal by the Supreme Court.
This is the level of injustice and judiciary fraud Nigeria has been enmeshed in over the years and until the individuals manipulating the judicial systems to their selfish wicked interest repent and turn from their wickedness and greed, Nigeria will remain grounded at all corners until the Igbo nation is Free to live in harmony with all.

The Senate Minority Leader Enyinnaya Abaribe has counseled the Igbos not to despair over what he called “the unfortunate outcome at the Supreme Court”. We shall continue to press for a solution that will be the best in the circumstance.” He said, although that appears a mere political statement, Abaribe knows very well it is not the intention of the Nigeria political ethnic bigots, greed and selfish group to allow the Igbos to breathe but for one thing; for national cohesion and unity of the country which will remain a mirage until Justice is established.

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