Abia and Otti’s Budget of Hope; What you need to know

Governor Otti’s 2024 budget proposal would be likened to a people oriented policy document of fiscal responsibility to the people and their environment

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

Abia State Labour Party leader, Governor Alex Otti continues to reveal a future of hope and fulfillment for the people of the South East region at every turn.

Recently, Otti had presented the 2024 budget proposal to the State House Assembly, a budget he likened to a New Beginning for Abia State and her people.

With an increase of over 350% from an annual declining budgetary projection by previous administrations, the declaration for a New beginning for the people of South East center of commerce aptly justifies the expectations by all and sundry on the Alex Otti led Labour Party government to deliver an economic magic.

As it was duly captured, what was presented is a budget estimate of what the Otti’s led Labour party government is going to utilize to achieve its campaign promises to the people and most importantly the reconstruction process of a state that was badly damaged by individuals in government whose knowledge on the art of governance and economics was abysmally lacking.

Abia state in previous budget proposals and implementation during the infamous reign of the PDP’s administration has scored an abysmal performance almost in all sectors of development due to the inability of the leadership to spot where the money is located and where to put meager resources into wise planning in order to achieve creative results in nation building.
Previous budgets has suffered a disappointing set back in bringing to reality any structural changes because it did not address those critical sectors that has the capacity to sustain development of any nation state or institutions.

This is where the Otti’s 2024 Budget proposal has struck a remarkable feat for identifying those critical areas that propel the engines of a functional economy, namely, the Environment and the people, their welfare and participation in governance.

Before now, Abia state was at the butt of every silly joke referring to a mismanaged economy and poor leadership because previous administration failed woefully in identifying critical aspects of the environment and the economy that should propel or influence the people to produce and provide goods and services that should set forth a progressive and rewarding economic cycle

Abia was set aback both in administrations and political leadership for over 20 years consecutively until rescue came through the massive participation of the people in the 2023 gubernatorial elections where they overwhelmingly resolved to eject the poor leadership that has brought the state down to its knees to a very shameful economic condition.

Therefore, Governor Otti’s 2024 budget proposal would be likened to a people oriented policy document of fiscal responsibility to the people and their environment

It is those people that the Otti’s 2024 Budget of hope has come to address, their physical environment and welfare, their participation in governance and opening up their economy to the world.
What does this mean to the people of Abia State, It is a time of prosperity and fulfillment when over 84% of the first Budget of the Alex Otti led labour party administration is devoted towards physical infrastructure and the welfare of those to maintain and service those infrastructures.

This is where most governors while pursuing a developmental goal have failed to balance implementation. If you build all the infrastructure and fail to address the welfare of the people, their healthcare and education, you would be building a fantastic environmental situation with the people completely disconnected from participating in the wealth cycle.

This is why despite all the beautiful infrastructure works done by former governor of Ebonyi State, Engr Dave Umahi, the people remained incapacitated to take part in the economic cycle.

This is why I have referred the Otti’s 2024 Budget Proposal as a Budget of Hope for addressing such loopholes and an anomaly with his inclusion of welfare packages in form of pay rise to the Abia state civil servants in the Budget to enable them take part in the building process of the economy.

That means Ottis Budget would be constructing an environment of hope for both the business owners and patronizers of the businesses that will emerge and function in an organised environment of clean road networks, environmental facilities that will provide security and checks and balances in all sectors of the society among all participants in the business of governance.

Now when such budget is implemented, what does it interpret – an opening for a potential booming economy in the South East region
Markets will once again begin to flourish when there is good money in the hands of the citizenry to purchase commodities of choice, Real Estate business will receive a boost and set the economic wheel in motion,

This will serve as automatic invitations to artisans comprising of masons, carpenters, metal fabricators, building contractors, civil engineers etc, to make efforts to relocate to Abia state for a potential boost in business,

Entrepreneurs of all categories should get ready to work and earn for their presence in Abia State at such a golden moment as the Ottis Labour Party dispensation.

And with the bulk of N476Billion of the total estimated budget of over N567B to be spent as Capital expenditure on core infrastructure projects like, school building, equipping the hospitals and standard housing projects, this would be the best time to relocate and establish business presence in Abia state to build wealth and take part in a moving and active economic cycle in South East Nigeria.

Having begun on this well tailored proposal, I would be glad to declare that this is Abia’s moment of fulfillment for its 32 years existence as a state.

Njoku Jerry Ajike is the State Publicity Secretary, Labour Party in Abia state





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