Societies rise and fall on the altar of leadership. Where are Igbo Leaders?

The quality of minds ruling us is reflected in our shabby infrastructure, disorganization and poor esthetics

By Jonathan Imo

So many ignorant fellows who can’t imagine or think for the people parading themselves as leaders. Especially with concerted effort by outside forces to install mediocre elements as political leaders in our land, one expected that the traditional institutions or leaders will rise to the occasion and put our elected officials on their toes to work and develop Ala Igbo. 

But know. They did none. Some of our traditional rulers today are nothing but hungry town criers for political leaders in their state because they sold themselves cheap. Some of them don’t even the RESPECT of their people because are more like political appointees of governors without any atom of spiritual authority that can make political office holders RESPECT their instructions or demand for good governance. 

Look at how dirty, incoherent and shabby our environment is today across the south east. The quality of minds ruling us is reflected in our shabby infrastructure, disorganization and poor esthetics. From this lack of standards to falling family values and the gradual erosion of the dignity the Ndi Igbo was known for.

The falling family values are quite evident in what young Igbo chaps are doing on social media today, including going nude, abusing other tribes, unintelligent comments, public harlotry very demeaning of Igbo women. 

All you get are unbridled young Igbo chaps making noise on social media with nobody to call them to order. Yet they are supposed to be from Igbo towns and villages where there obviously their community leaders whether home or abroad should have put them in their space as our tradition required by excommunicating their families. 

But who will call them to order when all those with small change in their pockets answering big names and making videos of money have no vision outside acquiring Chieftaincy title holders in villages without industries and tarred roads. 

There is no comprehensive vision and development master plan for the Igbo nation. That is why everyone is confused about how to go home to invest. 

Where are we supposed to be in the next five years, ten years or hundred years? You can read of China’s HUNDRED YEARS MARATHON or even the Yoruba DEVELOPMENT AGENDA FOR WESTERN NIGERIA<DAWN. Everything they doing even in the Yoruba political pursuit at the federal level is geared towards their agenda. Meanwhile their Igbo counterparts at the federal level couldn’t even get an ordinary modern railway.

Sometimes I am at lost how rudderless the Igbo nation has become. Especially having read about Igbo State Union, their positive impact and the quality of leadership we had before. 

I mean with all these so called educated people in Igbo land and in the Diaspora we are still being rubbished by some haggard ethnic groups in the country. I mean you can’t even see or hear of any Igbo intelligentsia group pulling the strings to get us out of this mess. All the show offs and boasts about developing other people’s states now sounds like a joke because we have not demonstrated it back in our land. 

What a shame! 

Is it that we can’t develop a world class master plan for Igbo land and use our global connection to bring world class investors to transform our states into global industrial cities or our sense is not great enough to outmaneuver ourselves out of the bondage of Nigeria? 

Honestly the purpose of leadership has been defeated in Igbo land and it is such a shame.

As I will always say, societies rise and fall on the alter of leadership. Where are Igbo Leaders?

Great Imo Jonathan

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