Recent Court ruling affirms the demise of PDP in Abia State

Abia people made a decision of wholesome rejection of misfits and rogue elements parading as political leaders and that decision remains permanent

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

Appeal court sitting in Lagos has confirmed the popular will of residents and indigenes of Abia State when it summarizes the dismissal of petitions filed by the PDP of Abia State as frivolous, lacking merit and a comedy skit in its bid to unseat the duly elected Labour Party Governor Alex Otti in the last 11th March gubernatorial elections

Members of Abia state PDP who all of a sudden have assumed the position of attack dogs on social media platforms may soon found out that their status as oppositions will remain permanent.

For one reason, they lack the civility to learn administrations and governance from the master, Governor Alex Otti, a complete 360 degree departure from the charades they were engaged in for 24 years in the name of governance.

From the Governorship Petition Tribunals in Umuahia, to the Appeal Court sitting in Lagos, every move by the Abia state PDP to unseat the People’s governor Alex Otti continue to hit the rock and do not appear to subside until everything about those who have brought so much shame and ridicule to God’s own state during their days of brazen larceny and docility is completely annihilated.

As the proverbial fly that follows the dead body to the grave, those political rogue elements deceiving themselves and fooling their sponsors with the false hope of obtaining victory at the supreme Court are certain to be submerged in shameful burial of those that has troubled the peace of the state and stolen from residents and citizens of Abia for the past 24 years

Abia people made a decision of wholesome rejection of misfits and rogue elements parading as political leaders and that decision remains permanent

Therefore should any individual under the influence of criminal elements hiding with looted funds stolen from the Hardworking good people of Abia State continue to deceive unsuspecting members of the public about PDPs relevance in Abia state, the Judiciary has just affirmed the demise of PDP with the recent court judgment and more to come until that stubborn fly is finally covered in the grave of dishonour that is only befitting for members of the Abia state PDP who have refused to repent from their evil ways nor respect the decision of the citizenry who have found Dr. Alex Otti a worthy servant leader and overwhelmingly given him their mandate to reposition the state.

PDP failed the people of Abia in every aspect of governance and do not deserve an inch of a loophole to come close to the governance of the state they deliberately destroyed in their ignorance and naivety at any level

Labour party led by People’s governor, Dr Alex Otti is on a mission to rebuild from the scratch, the humongous ruin the PDP rogue elements left of Abia State, he needs the support of every responsible indigenes and residents of Abia State to achieve ultimate success. 

This would be the first democratic government in Abia state installed by the people, of their own free choice without any undue inducement.
Those who have found their way back into this government at the State House of Assembly by unscrupulous judicial pronouncement and those holding on to their expired relevance in previous unpopular government of freaks and dumb political office holders should come to terms with the Hardworking good people of the state who overwhelmingly elected the Alex Otti led Labour Party government.

They should desist from their unsolicited concern in a business of governance they scored an abysmal performance ratings all through their 24 years in service.

As much as the Labour Party government of Governor Alex Otti welcomes criticism from the good people of Abia State who deserves nothing but the best, it will not hesitate to continue to frown at the works of ignorant mischief makers learning the art of oppositional politics.

He who come to equity must come with cleans hands, those characters parading as oppositional figures in PDP do not appear as individuals with clean hands, rather they have come to smear dirt and distract the general public from the good works the Labour Party led government of Governor Alex Otti is doing and at whatever angle they chose to follow, the Judiciary will continue to show them the exit door for their foolish behaviors and ignorance.

This is the new Abia and it must work for all

Njoku Jerry A is the State Publicity Secretary, Labour Party, Abia

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