Labour Party in Abia; the People’s victory over darkness remains intact

The people should note that Anybody who bought his way into position of leaderships through the judiciary loophole is definitely not coming to represent you but his primary interest which is his political enterprise,

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

Recent court judgments that has robbed Labour Party Abia of its popularly acclaimed and hard fought victory which was willingly  given by the people of the Constituencies where the candidates whose victories have been overturned comes from, calls for questioning of the intent of the Judiciary in Nigeria electoral system.

As long as Labour Party is not the only affected political party whose victory have been upturned by the Judiciary even in matters that are within the sole interpretation of Party internal structures, it’s only a matter of time before the election of candidates to any political position would be left with a section of the Judiciary who have found added profession in picking and declaring whoever suits their fancy and is willing to pay for the insatiable greed of men clothed in filthy garments of corruption

Recent jubilation by members and followers in the camp receiving these fraudulent declaration of a judgment allegedly bought over should not disturb people of Abia State.

As long as the people of Abia Central never elected (Retd) Col. Austin Akobundu of PDP, as long as the people of Aba North never elected Aaron Uzodike of PDP to represent them at the State House of Assembly, it will be alleged the Judiciary selected the individuals and forced them upon the people of Abia Central by whatsoever means of legal technicality without the interest of the people, even after it has been made clear by the same Judiciary that Membership of a Political party is the prerogative of the leadership of the party and should be treated as a internal party affairs without undue interference

Therefore, if none of the candidates declared by the Judiciary as winners clearly won at the polls where the actual elections took place and the people willingly chose and elected their representatives, the ordinary people, no matter how painful and disappointing these fraudulent judicial manipulations may appear, should never lose sleep.

I have read several comments across the social media platforms, shouting PDP in Abia is coming back, they’re regrouping, they’re coming and I asked, coming to where?

I have visited several joints across the town to hear what the people of Abia are saying and I am glad to tell those criminals allegedly regrouping with the support of some unscrupulous members of the Judiciary that Abia people are not bothered about your antics nor your heist.

Abia people are very much aware that every candidate that participated in the 24 years of robbery of the state resources should certainly have enough in his arsenal to attempt to buy his way back through the backdoor of a rotten political system and worse when even the Judiciary has been inseminated.

However, the people has one sole message which I am glad to declare to all and sundry, PDP regrouping or coming back to where, to do what?

To take part or snatch the new Abia that has been delivered from its 24 years of darkness by the Alex Otti led Labour Party government or to continue from where they stopped in the business of stealing and rape of the people’s collective welfare?

Perhaps the recent manipulated judgment calls for celebration among those that are been deceived that they have master key to Abia State politics.

Let me just make it simple and plain: You do not have any master key to nothing.
What you perhaps, have, is the master key of deception, fraud and reign of rascals smuggled through a rotting political system that are adversely disconnected from Democratic norms

The Labour Party government in Abia state led by Governor Alex Otti is not only prepared to complete the great work of reconstructing this destroyed state and its administrative structures but is committed to lead Abia people to a new homeland of hope and prosperity where prudence in character, capacity and capability will become a yardstick of participation in government and not a bought over manipulated electoral fraud smuggled through backdoor by men of insatiable greed who should know better not to mess with the resolve of the people who have determined to deliver themselves from criminals parading as political rulers in Abia State.

If the only reason an individual is struggling to get involved into the politics of the New Abia is to loot and build empire of fraud and greed, the people of Abia State, who are the genuine holder of the mandate that are being stolen in broad day light by men garbed in colonial attire are waiting for you because they never elected nor voted for any of the individuals the Judiciary had declared winner.

More so, the leadership of Labour party, led by the people’s governor, Gov. Alex Otti and his victory over the representatives of darkness that has held Abia and her people in bondage for close to 24 years, destroying virtually every means of a viable economy of the state remains intact, and by every means you may dare to scuttle the People’s mandate, the evil you have unleashed upon the state will never leave none of you

Those expressing anxiety or excited over the Judiciary selection are either sympathetic to a friend, a brother left in the lurch of the political till of Abia or are mere accomplice of the robin hood criminality of PDP selected candidates which has brought Abia to its knees in rot and decrepit
Did they win the election as conducted? With how many counts of votes??

The people should note that Anybody who bought his way into position of leaderships through the judiciary loophole of fraud is definitely not coming to represent you but his primary interest which is his political enterprise.

He has bought a merchandise whose sole commodity is deception and deliberate negligence, he is not celebrating a victory because he has come to represent the people but because he has just opened a store at the Abia State House of Assembly or at the National Assembly and as long as he was never elected by the people, he has no obligation to the people but the criminal elements in his ring who have influenced his selection against the wishes of the people

One thing gives me confidence, light has come to Abia and no matter how sons of darkness struggle with the simple truth, light will always overcome darkness

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