Abia State PDP secures permanent seat in the opposition

Now, they are practicing their true calling in the opposition against good governance, let them take their time to practice because they will remain in the ditch permanently

By Njoku Jerry A

It is not amazing how Abia State PDP has been kicked out and rejected by the people of the state. They were destined to be rejected as a result of their brazen impunity and fraudulent characters that came together to steal and defraud the hardworking people of the state under the platform a political party.

The fraudulent characters in the party have taken the patience of Abia people for granted until their 40 days was due.
Abia PDP 40 days was due on the 11th March 2023 and finally nailed to tree on the 22nd March 2023, as you can see, they do not deserve to be nailed on the cross because their criminality and impunity almost surprised the devil.

Now they’re living the height of their calling and that is, a party in Opposition.
Good enough, this is their original calling and the job of those characters parading as political leaders in the party.

Unfortunately they are not even versed in the art and have been engaged flinging mud and dirt at all corners led by the vilest individuals among them.

Eze Chikamnayo, Chinonye Mba, Oracle, John Okiyi Kalu, Uzoma Okoro etc. One could not really understand what these shameless characters are looking for again in Abia State government, having stole so much and engaged in moral depravity that ends up at beer joints and brothels with young school girls around the Eastern region.

Since they have chosen to be cooking up falsehood against the people’s government and running to mainstream TV house to confuse Nigerians on the good works going on in Abia State by the Alex Otti led Labour party government , the good people of Abia State has no reason not to engage them in their foolishness and criminal behaviors.

Do they mean any good for the State? Negative No! as they have never at any time done anything good both for the people and their environment

Now, they are practicing their calling in the opposition against good governance, let them take their time to practice because they will remain in the ditch permanently as far as Abia state and its residents are concerned.

PDP and its criminal characters have been nailed to the evil tree and will remain there until they will begin to turn against themselves opposing their ugly characters for acting dumb going to national TV to lie and deceive Nigerians

This is Something the people of Abia has forever prayed for and it is obvious those characters as Eze Chikamnayo and the gangs never, ever had any good intention being in government in the first place

The people of Abia state never knew these criminal characters in PDP had such hidden talent in the opposition. Now that they have discovered themselves and their original job in the politics of Abia state, Please let every resident of Abia State that is pleased with the light shining in our streets and the joy of our elders being paid their due wages, join hands to help those criminal characters in PDP to remain in the ditch as oppositions because that is where they actually belong and has no business in governance but fraud and impunity!

Congratulations to Abia State PDP for their new position! It shall be permanent!


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