Abia and Labour Party; dealing with the menace of false information.

Gov. Otti led Labour party government is very cautious and conscious of one thing, Character in leadership and Prudence in management and this is nightmare and a psychological torment to the characters engaged in ongoing media calumny and blackmail under the guise of opposition

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

Of recent, it has become a kind of pastime and entertainment for certain individuals to engage in blackmail and dissemination of sensational information that are outright falsehood but most worrisome is the speed with which the same public under the choke-hold and torment of such deceptive characters swallow both hook and sinker the false information served them at every turn.

Today, the Labour Party government of Abia State under the leadership of Dr. Alex Otti is the victim and placed on the burner, not because those characters running amuck on social and mainstream media has any genuine interest in what is going on in Abia State, Not because Alex Otti and the Labour Party government is found wanting in delivery of services and good governance to the people of Abia State but for the mere fact that the ordinary people of Abia State has found a reason to smile as they welcome the future for a New Abia of hope. This is the origin of the ongoing blackmail and falsehood being propagated by certain vile characters with criminal intent to gain political relevance for the sole purpose of graft and impunity.

Without giving undue recognition to these mischievous, and morally depraved political rogue elements parading as opposition members or some ill-informed public figures like Reno Omokri dishing out garbage from his comfort in the United States, I feel duty bound to draw the attention of the unsuspecting public to the activities of certain characters feeling humiliated by the early remarkable performance of the Labour Party led government of Alex Otti in Abia state.

For the benefit of doubt, let Nigerians avail themselves the opportunity to read and understand and not to be swayed by the antics of unscrupulous elements going on the TV and social media platform to fan relevance for their vain and notorious reputation by destroying the character of a leadership they are abysmally bereft of.

Check the characters and background antecedents of those flinging the fist of mud and dirt on the good works ongoing in Abia State by the Alex Otti led Labour Party government, their dossiers of criminal records and poor performance in every public office they have occupied are in the public domain therefore I do not expect them to be comfortable with a government led by a responsible leadership like Alex Otti who is committed to drastic policy reforms that will serve the interest of the ordinary people in the State.

However, the issues become extremely disturbing when mainstream media platforms and commentators take on the exaggerated falsehood and it becomes a viral news item.

This is the danger of giving loopholes for false information to thrive. It creates unnecessary distractions from the serious business of governance and the unscrupulous elements who gave rise to such falsehood wins in their wicked acts of blackmail and subject the citizenry to their witchcraft manipulations and distortions of facts that should avail the citizenry the opportunity to assess the quality of governance that has been put in place at their favour.

Take for instance the success story of the Labour Party led Alex Otti government that has been abysmally distorted to sell these wicked narratives on the Q3 budget performance, against the good people of the state, how shameful to beam on the national TV that the Gov Otti spent 1 Billion Naira on Refreshments for himself alone.

We know this is falsehood and the propagators of this hoax know they are lying but vehemently bent on pushing the vile narratives to drum support for their ignorance and disconnectedness from responsible leadership.

They claimed to be in the opposition but on what basis, their classic failure and fraud in political and economic administration is a public knowledge. The people of Abia state vehemently rejected these political state actors for their wild stealing and destructive tendencies towards the people and the state.

For the interest of the general public that has been so deceived to buy the wicked antics of Abia State PDP rogue elements that have chosen to engage in mud fight, guised under the cloak of opposition,

The recent Q3 budget performance that has generated most disappointing assault against the good people of Abia state whom are in great support of the Labour Party led government of Alex Otti for its exemplary leadership that has brought drastic changes on the environment and introduced drastic reforms in fiscal policy and leadership in Abia today, should have revealed significant reforms that has been established by the Alex Otti Labour Party government were it not completely distorted to blackmail the man certain characters in previous government of Abia State continue to see as a perpetual threat for their unacceptable existence in the politics of Abia

In the previous unpopular government of Abia State, fiscal policies were so bastardised and shrouded in deceit, so much that a good chunk of the budget of the state was delegated to propaganda on achievement and leadership that only existed on Billboards but here is a Labour Party Led government under the conscientious leadership of Alex Otti, that has slashed every budget as contained in the previous template of former Abia State government between 50% to 97%, yet he is being vilified for adopting austere measures to save costs and wastage.

Take for instance in the recent reformed budgetary implications;
1  *Honorarium has been slashed by 75%*

  1. *Publicity reduced by 50%*
  2. *Medical expenses drastically cut down by 97%*
  3. *Welfare expenses curtailed by 85%*
    These measures highlight a concerted effort to manage resources responsibly and align expenditures with priorities. A decision that signifies a commitment to fiscal responsibility and prudent financial management.

The general public must understand the ideas behind the new Abia led by Labour Party government, this is a government of the people in its practical sense, our policy is centered on the people and their welfare and not some elitists circle of ignorant misfits horded under a political umbrella to deceive and steal from the people.

Labour party represents the true principles of democracy where leadership is not a right but a privilege therefore you cannot afford to take oath of office of authority to abuse privileges and do such a thing the vile characters of previous Abia state government were engaged in.

More so, Labour party do not thrive on propaganda, as a matter of fact this was the first thing the government of Otti has to deal with by pulling down all the Billboards of deception across Umuahia screaming fake achievements of a government that existed in giant billboards.

For the benefit of doubt, if there is anything the vile men and women in the failed and rejected Abia PDP is struggling to achieve in the business of blackmail they have resorted to rather than responsible opposition, it is to distract the government of the new Abia with cooked up false stories to deceive the general public on the beautiful things ongoing in Abia today, unfortunately, the residents of Abia state knows the difference between darkness which the previous political rogue elements now in opposition represents and light which the Labour Party led government of Alex Otti represents.

This is the hallmark of labour party, to pursue the right values for the interest of the people whom are direct beneficiaries of quality governance and not to thrive in deception and propaganda.

It’s only about 6 months in power, the Labour Party government has recorded remarkable landmarks previous government could not achieve in its 8 years of waste and negligence,

Therefore, those joining forces with every false narrative emanating from Abia State should save themselves the shame and humiliation because the Alex Otti led Labour party government is very cautious and conscious of one thing, Character in leadership and Prudence in management and this is nightmare and a psychological torment to the characters engaged in the ongoing media calumny and blackmail under the guise of opposition

Thank you

Njoku Jerry A is the Abia State Publicity Secretary of Labour Party


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