A New Abia: Otti’s leadership and PDP’s endorsement

It takes a great leader to see the future and align with the responsibilities in achieving success, Abia PDP BOT Chairman and others has seen a great future that lies ahead for the people of Abia and did not hesitate to align with it

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

This is, perhaps, the best of times for resident of South East Center of Trade and Industry, Abia, as it takes on the headlines for all the right purpose – Leadership!

Labour party leader and Executive governor, Dr. Alex Otti has affirmed the age long maxim that “Diligence pays.”

It courts honor, grace and pitches you with men of remarkable character and integrity, virtually in every aspect of life, you cannot be diligent and not be careful, meticulous, focused, thorough and smart in whatever you are doing or have chosen to do.

Men who choose this path of life are bound to attract the best, life and the society have got to offer, and their natural mien put frights to individuals with loads of negative energies.

These great ideals cuts across political divides and affiliations, it extends beyond tribal sentiments and rhetoric. “Show me your friend” the great teacher said; “And I will tell you who you are,” and “Where the eagles are gathered – be sure, they have come to take care of the rots of the society” and establish leadership of high flyers quite remote from people of low moral disposition.

While the society continue to applaud the noble choice of quality leadership, Governor Otti has brought to the South East center of Commerce and Industry, Prominent leaders of the opposition party whom has chosen the path of integrity and honor has opted to align with him.

Eagles do not put up flight with low flying birds not to mention bats, which are neither here nor there.

Former Senate President and acting PDP Board of Trustees Chairman, Senator Adolphus Wabara is an Eagle. He knows where the Eagles are gathering and he didn’t miss the opportunity to take an honorable leap and fly with the Eagles, high above mediocrity, misplaced sentiments and ignorance to align with Governor Alex Otti led Labour party government.

Impressed by the quality of leadership delivery Governor Alex Otti have brought into governance in Abia state, Senator Wabara made a public pronouncement for the endorsement of the continuous leadership of the Labour Party Leader Dr. Alex Otti for a complete 8 years in office for its remarkable performance and diligence in taking the daunting responsibility of driving Abia to the frontline of economic relevance and environmental reconstruction.

PDP,s endorsement of Labour Party leader, Governor Alex Otti did not come as a surprise to many, it was long expected, having shown residents of Abia what leadership entails, both members of PDP in Abia state and their leaders trapped in self conceit and deception, had continued to search for every subtle means, albeit treacherous, to join the ruling Labour party and align with the success story emerging from Abia state, from a man they had spent the past 8 years of previous administration, struggling to discredit while they were engaged in the infamous administration of ruin and waste.

Labour Party by default is the people’s party, every working adult of whatsoever profession is welcomed to join the family of hardworking men and women of integrity and diligence led by our great leader and governor of this great state of industry, H.E. Dr. Alex Otti (OFR).
We will not discriminate; however, we will not stoop low to the position of low flying birds and bats whom are neither here nor there. Those I will refer to as Political rogue elements who took to sports in their ignorance, stealing and destroying this great God’s own state, the man of diligence and capacity produced by the Labour Party has come to rebuild

While other members of the party have resorted to cheap blackmail and media calumny, even struggling to disassociate from the leadership of their own party including their BOT Chairman whom they have enjoyed his services and membership in all their locust years, a man who understands better their predicament and unfortunate miserable condition of leeches and sycophancy, the PDP BOT Chairman has seen the future of this great state with the Labour party leader, Dr. Alex Otti (OFR) and he decided to fly with it.

It takes a great leader to see the future and align with the responsibilities in achieving success, the PDP BOT Chairman has seen a great future that lies ahead for the people of Abia therefore he never hesitate to align with it.
The leadership of Labour Party led by the people’s governor Dr. Alex Otti, shall continue to appreciate such men of honor for speaking up at the right time.
Only eagles can stand out with fellow eagles while bats and scavengers will continue to wallow in blindness and ignorance.

The Abia state PDP spokesperson accused their own leader of ignorance in dabbling into Abia state politics especially on matters regarding infrastructural development and they bragged of initiating foundational works of the Aba-Port Harcourt road, one of the many trademark of failure and hardship unleashed on residents of Abia by the defunct PDP administration.

Residents of Aba and Nigerians will be very grateful to know, is it the foundational works that destroyed virtually all the businesses along the 8km stretch Aba-Port Harcourt road, and the destroyer, sent many families away uncompensated, abandoning their homes and businesses, many died in the process and this same PDP wicked political rogue elements looked the other way and for complete 8 to 16 years, no PDP administration thought is sane and patriotic enough to embark upon a long lasting solution on one of the most viable economic roads in the South East until the people’s governor, a man of diligence, committed to the hallmarks of labour and productivity Dr. Alex Otti came to the rescue of the people the PDP administrations has destroyed their businesses and families.

Secondly, the PDP spokesperson accused their own leader of not contacting proper channels of communication before pronouncing the 2nd Term endorsement of Alex Otti led Labour party government.

Abians would be grateful to know, when it has become an offence for people to choose the path of integrity and honor which members of the failed PDP caucus had chosen to trade for sycophancy and fraud.
This is certainly not a path the former Senate President in his right mind has chosen to follow therefore he opted for the path of honor and made that remarkable statement.

“Governor Otti is reliable and a true man of honour. With this feat alone, his second term in office is already well assured” said Senator Adolphus Wabara – and that is exactly the position of the great people of Abia state and all supporters of good governance.

Njoku Jerry A. is the State Publicity Secretary of Labour Party, Abia

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