Okezie Ikpeazu’s minions in PDP should stop reminding Ndi Abia of their Eight years of Fraud 

They left the state worst than they met it and are now pushing to entrench their mediocrity in the state after they have been thrown out.

Great Imo Jonathan 

I saw on social media this morning a list of supposed roads constructed by Okezie Ikpeazu during his tenure as Abia State Governor. It was being bandied by his jobless Otimpkus who have not recovered from their failure at the polls since being booted out by Abians. They are doing this in comparison with Dr Alex Otti’s ongoing Abia urban regeneration and social reconstruction. 

But I thought they should have been quiet and allow Ndi Abia the time to heal from the psychological damage done to them. 

Especially because there is no sane person from Abia State who did not witness the mess Okezie Ikpeazu made of Abia State, in addition to the shame T. A Orji and Orji Uzor Kalu earlier brought upon the state.

Particularly, many are disappointed because they thought that his academic qualifications would have been leverage.

The roads Ikpeazu’s minions are bandying around on social media are nothing but 419 construction cheered by people without pedigree. According to the number, they listed, it is a list of 75 NONSENSES used in looting Abia State and to bring shame upon the entire populace. 

I mean while the likes of El-Rufai and Wike were making their people proud the mediocres in Abia were neck deep in their shameful adventures of looting and shambolic governance. They left the state worst than they met it and are now pushing to entrench their mediocrity in the state after they have been thrown out. 

I challenge them to please give us the total number of kilometers of road constructed Ikpeazu when the so called 75 number of roads are converted into kilometers. How much was their contract cost? How many were completed? And what is the current state of those roads today? 

I saw two meters of roads that a councilor can’t even be boastful about being listed as one of his achievement and that IS VERY SHAMEFUL. I was in umuahia in 2018 when the contractor handling Enugu Port Harcourt road for federal government was drafted in by them to do some dressing work on few meters of Aba road, from Isi Court to Comfort hotel, while the stretch from Isi Court to Ubkala junction was being done by wheelbarrow pushers they engaged as contractors. After the dressing work done on the few meters of the road by the federal government contractor they took pictures and went on social media claiming they have rebuilt Aba road even when the entire stretch from Isi Gate to Ubkala Junction was a complete mess. 

Okezie Ikpeazu was a huge disappointment to all right thinking Abians. I don’t know any enlightened person that will have the courage to praise anything done throughout his eight years of absolute nonsense called governance. The only characters still defending his 419 Government are his crumbs gobbling minions who stole from under the table when he and his ogas at the top were stupidly and mindlessly looting the future of their state without sense or shame. 

It was so bad that the mentality they foisted on Ndi Abia is such that it reduced so many people’s sense of reasoning and standard of judgement. 

I think that Alex Otti has been so far too nice to these characters because he hasn’t bothered to unveil their mindless criminality and shamelessness. That is why we are still here reading their innuendos and debased propaganda. 

They have to be told to shut up and stop brandishing their mediocrity. Because If this continues, there will be a time when Abians will be forced to come out and put the charlatans where they rightly belong.

Abia State is not for mediocres.

Great Imo Jonathan

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