Africa says NO to UN diplomacy of hypocrisy and state lies

Africa will link its partnerships with whoever it wants and will purchase its means of defense with whoever it wants!! So stop the crude diplomatic lie consisting of saying that these imperialist powers are coming to defend Democracy and Human Rights in Africa.

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In a speech delivered by Minister Bassolma Bazié, on behalf of Captain Ibrahim Traoré, to the UN, that forced Macron to accept to pull French troops out of Niger:

Excellency Mr. President of the 78th Session of the United Nations General Assembly;

Excellency the Secretary General of the United Nations;

Distinguished personalities;

In the name of His Excellency Captain Ibrahim TRAORÉ, President of the Transition, Head of State, receive the fraternal greetings of the People and the Government of Burkina Faso. On behalf of the Burkinabè people, I respectfully bow to the memory of the great leaders in the world who made people dream and hope for a just and equitable human society through their commitment, determination and spirit of sacrifice. I cite in particular:

– Faithful CASTRO of Cuba;

– Patrice Emery Lumumba from Congo;

– Kwamé N’Nkrumah from Ghana;

– Modibo KEITA from Mali;

– Ruben Um Nyobé and Félix Moumié from Cameroon;

– Sylvanius OLYMPIO from TOGO;

– Che Guevara of Argentina;

– Martin Luther King and Malcolm X of the United States of America;

– Nelson Mandela of South Africa;

– Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya;

– Amilcar Cabral from Guinea Bissau and the Cape Verde Islands;

– Marien Ngouabi from Congo Brazzaville;

– Captain Noël Isidore Thomas SANKARA from Burkina Faso;

– Etc.

These leaders were for the most part violently executed, and others murdered through prison fire and poisoning. Their only crime was for each of them the incarnation of the dreams, the ambitions, the hope of the bruised, raped, violated and pillaged people!

Mister President ;

My presence at this honorable forum of the United Nations, in the name of Burkina Faso, Country of Upright Men, is not to erect walls of lamentation. I’m not here to give you a convenient speech either. But I was rather mandated as a sacrifice to tell you that the State lie, the diplomatic hypocrisy, the bulimia of power, the frantic search for gain, the demonic spirit of domination and exploitation of Man by Man are the real plagues which plague our life together and cause the whole of society to run to ruin, including our organization, the UN.

His Excellency Mr. Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations (UN);

His Excellency Mr. Joe Biden, President of the United States;

His Excellency Mr. Dennis Francis, Permanent Representative of Trinidad and Tobago to the United Nations, elected President of the 78th Session of the General Assembly.

His Excellency Mr. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, President of the Federative Republic of Brazil;

Allow me to repeat here parts of your respective speeches delivered at this same platform at the opening of this 78th session:

First: “We are in a topsy-turvy world! Corpses litter the beaches where billionaires lounge”;

Second: “We are at a crossroads. We have a common cause, namely, to leave our children a world with a good social climate. » ;

Third: “Despite the difficulties, we can get through it; it is not capacity that is lacking but political will. If not, we can bring progress and peace for all”;

Quarto: “There is dissonance between the speeches and the practices, the facts. The UN Security Council is paralyzed. The UN must assume its functions for a united and equitable world in accordance with the principles set out in the Charter. This requires that we have the courage to fight against inequalities.”

The quintessence of the expressions of these four high personalities clearly means that inequalities in the world are intentional, if not that with a minimum of political courage and will we can, if not eradicate them, reduce them to their proper expression!

Indeed, every year the speeches rain down along with the promises and commitments. Evidence of the dissonance between speeches and facts on these issues of principles contained in the UN Charter including justice, equality, dignity, integrity, the right to self-determination, the sovereignty of States , the inviolability of the territory and respect for international law are what is happening in Libya, in the Sahel (precisely on Niger) and on the crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

First, in Libya, following this torrential catastrophe, thousands of lives were lost. To paint our consciences with transparent tranquility, each Nation rushes to present its compassion, its solidarity. It is certainly to give the impression that we live in a society and that we defend values.

Intellectual honesty recommends and the history of consciences reflect to us that we must present our sincere apologies to the Libyan people for having been, collectively and individually, through reprehensible passivity or through active and unacceptable complicity, alongside the executioners who were the first anthropogenic disaster in Libya.

It was this catastrophe that brought Libya to its knees by ransacking it and killing its guide, before the waters of the flood came to further mourn it. And unfortunately, at the head of this human catastrophe was the UN under resolution 19-70 and the guilty silence or even complicity of ECOWAS and the African Union. This macabre intervention, with Nicolas SARKOZY’s France at the head, liquidated the Libyan guide Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, on October 20, 2011. If the condolences to the Libyan people had a minimum of common sense and without hypocrisy, this macabre diplomacy would not have never took place around the case of Niger to create a bis Libya.

Then, as proof that international relations are tinged with a high diplomatic hypocrisy devoid of conscience, morality, dignity, integrity, justice and therefore peace, it is still the same gesticulations in a scandalously deadly alignment which move like wild beasts around their wounded prey to devour it.

Today, we have made the unfortunate observation that contrary to the professional speeches in good faith delivered at this high forum of the UN calling for respect for the UN charter and international law, the leaders representing the brother people of Niger were virtually barred from accessing the United Nations headquarters.

Burkina Faso strongly condemns this sordid maneuver which is based on medieval practices. This can obviously only be done by minds losing essential value for any harmonious life in society. Therefore, we go further to say that the UN should in no case be an instrument in the hands of any country.

The Pan-Africanist leaders who fought for African unity, our grandparents who fell with dignity under the murderous bullets of the colonists, the worthy African sons who sacrificed themselves for honor on the continent and who fought ferociously against traitor slave trade and neocolonialism have had their warriors’ sleep disturbed by having heard that a handful of lost children of Africa are holding Niger like a ball of cotton for the invader so that he can set it on fire.

Yes, dear African Continent, a handful of your children have decided to humiliate and vilify you through the shameless lie of the State, starting with Niger. Therefore, I launch a vibrant and solemn appeal to the Senegalese, Beninese, Nigerian, Ghanaian, Chadian, Ivorian, Comorian, Bissao-Guinean people and all the people of Africa to mobilize more in brotherhood and African solidarity in order to prevent the imperialists from setting fire to Niger like the case of Libya.

Mr. President of the 78th Session of the General Assembly;

Mr Secretary General of the UN;

Distinguished personalities in your respective grades, titles and ranks;

I insist at this UN forum and before the whole world that ECOWAS, the African Union and the UN must imperatively transform themselves into true organizations of the people instead of structures of a minority of Heads of State. ‘State. They must not be used and instrumentalized to destabilize brother countries by assassinating their leaders. It is only at this price that the UN Charter and international law will have meaning!

Finally, speaking of the UN Charter and International Law, a conflict between Russia and Ukraine is maintained and desired by certain other powers.

Thus, several Western countries, notably the United States and the European Union, have poured all kinds of support, particularly military support. The Ukrainian civilian populations engaged as volunteers, some of whom even pilot tanks, are congratulated and treated as patriots.

Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso are facing a war imposed on them by imperialism under the cover of terrorists of all kinds (AQIM, DAESH, JNIM, etc.) sowing terror and desolation. Despite the existence of this same Charter of the United Nations with its principles of equality, justice on the one hand and on the other hand the same international law invoked at this forum of the UN, there is clearly an abysmal gap in handling questions. Indeed :

Taking the case of Burkina Faso, the civilian populations faced with the barbaric and murderous incursions of terrorists have decided to engage alongside the Defense and Security Forces (FDS). These populations thus engaged, trained and supervised by the FDS are called Volunteers for the Defense of the Fatherland (VDP). Thus, in Burkina Faso, we have 58,000 VDPs including 42,000 Communal VDPs and 16,000 National VDPs who are fighting on all fronts alongside the FDS, trained-supervised-directed by them.

They only act on the instruction and supervision of the FDS and in accordance with regulatory texts in order to protect their lives and property. These are the Patriots that certain heads of state of ECOWAS and the African Union, using the instrumentalization of capitalist imperialist powers, are trying to make the international community believe that they are militias: this is the shameless lie of State !

Mister President ;

If the international community were honest and sincere in its commitment to terrorism, it would not continue so that civilian populations would engage and train to ensure their own defenses. Speaking of a lack of frankness from this international community, here are examples:

First, when Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and other countries organized themselves on their common borders by pooling their forces to face terrorism, France came out of nowhere to impose its instrument, the G5 Sahel. 

Today, ECOWAS, which suddenly has an intervention force to restore democracies, announced a contribution of 2 billion US dollars. But from the creation of this G5 Sahel to its own vaporization, this ECOWAS was only able to spend 25 million US dollars. Where is the seriousness in the defense of human lives advocated by the Universal Declaration of Human and Peoples’ Rights?

Secondly, Burkina Faso is suffering cynical sanctions following the coup d’état of September 30, 2022. This nebula called the International Community, under the impetus of France which went through its local lackeys in Africa, first tried to have the appointment a Prime Minister in Burkina Faso in vain, then they moved to the imposition of ministers in strategic positions within the Burkinabè Government in vain and finally they negotiated the maintenance of relations so that Captain Ibrahim TRAORE implements all this that they will decide, the sine qua non condition of a desired duration in power.

Having also refused it in the name of the best interests of its People, an avalanche of repressive measures, threats, attempted coups, immoral maneuvers are being developed in criminal laboratories. And unfortunately, all these macabre maneuvers and missions are piloted by remote-controlled puppets by characters from African presidential corridors. This is why even this famous initiative of Accra without Mali did not last long.

Thirdly, in addition to aid cuts, cancellation of training conventions for our Defense and Security Forces (FDS), we are witnessing the blocking of our military equipment ordered with the sweat of our compatriots, always under the impetus from France.

For example, for the air vectors necessary for the control and defense of the territory, we had a contract with Brazil for which the Weapons License had to come from Belgium, and the Navigation and Shooting system as well as the Cameras of the United States of America, then a Motor of Canada. These means are today fallaciously and cynically blocked. You are talking about Defense of Human Rights at this UN forum, I therefore invite you to immediately deliver our Weapons to us for the defense and protection of our battered populations. In any case, you are solemnly informed and if nothing is done, history will hold you responsible for failure to assist people in danger!

Mr. President of the General Assembly;

Mr Secretary General of the UN;

Dear personalities always endowed with a minimum of common sense;

This bleak picture of this international community characterized by non-assistance to a State prey to terrorism, international hypocrisy, the supremacy of a few powers within the UN, complicity in the plunder of Africa, etc. does he not order the translation of this international community before the ICC? In a word, our safety will be ensured by ourselves first and not by anyone else.

On the question of WAGNER’s presence in Burkina Faso sung by a certain press controlled from the Elysée, I will answer this: Yes, Mr. President, we are the WAGNERs of Burkina Faso! Yes, these brave FDS and VDP are the WAGNERs of Burkina Faso!!

Therefore, from the top of this UN Tribune which magnifies the sacrifice of every patriot in the name of the national interest, I warmly salute the memory of all those who fell with arms in their hands and magnify the courage and integrity of those who are still alive and rush inexorably and sacrificially towards the victory of our people and the safeguard of our Homeland.

Instead of helping us to stop this human bleeding, these are fallacious accusations, shameless state lies wrapped up in a diplomacy of hypocrisy and veiled threats to tell us which partners to be with and what actions to take! We say no!

In the name of the same Charter of the United Nations and International Law that you all evoke here in this Tribune, the African people in General and the Sahelian people in particular are resolutely committed to absolutely and fully assuming their total emancipation for true social progress. Thus, Burkina Faso will sovereignly link its partnerships with whoever it wants and will purchase its means of defense with whoever it wants! Whether a country is called Russia, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Nicaragua, North Korea, Burkina Faso will freely buy and sell its products there without an intermediary, much less authorization from anyone; and that, come what may!

Mr. President of the General Assembly;

Mr Secretary General of the UN;

Dear personalities always endowed with a minimum of common sense;

Still speaking of hypocrisy and state lies, in this question of the fight against terrorism in general and in the Sahel in particular, here are other facts that you are certainly not unaware of and I am sure of it:

Firstly, in the Sahel we have nearly ten thousand soldiers from foreign armies composed mainly of French soldiers but also American, German, Italian soldiers, etc. with the most sophisticated weapons, flying and surveillance equipment in the world and despite everything, no one sees columns of hundreds of terrorists moving to serve desolation and death, often with unimaginable weapons.

In Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso, there are no arms or ammunition factories. So who recruits these terrorists? Who trains them? Who permanently staffs them? Who feeds them and with what means? Do you believe in this philanthropy in the name of which Westerners will send their soldiers to the Sahel to die for the sake of the Sahelians? If so, what justifies the irritations and other diplomatic gesticulations as soon as France is told to leave militarily?

The real reason is the underground resources in the Sahel! Indeed, the French National Assembly passed law n°057-7-27 of January 10, 1957 published in the official journal of the French Republic of January 12, 1957 creating the Common Organization of Saharan Regions (OCRS) which brings together parts of Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Mauritania, Algeria, etc. This area has no equal in the world in terms of subsoil wealth.

For example, the most important water table goes from Mauritania to Somalia via Mali, Algeria, Libya, Niger, etc. The newspaper Le Monde of July 23, 1957 put forward the figure of 6 to 7 million tons of oil as the potential annual production of the Sahara. In addition to these natural resources, we have uranium, gold, cobalt, zinc, diamond, lithium, copper, etc.

If you Westerners love the Sahelians so much to bring your soldiers there to die in the name of democracy, freedom, Human Rights and peace, why does the entire African Continent, which has 1.3 billion inhabitants, therefore the second most populous continent, 30,415,873 km2, and 54 States has no permanent seat on the Security Council with a Right of Veto? Isn’t this beyond a State crime, a UN Crime?

So stop the crude diplomatic lie consisting of saying that these imperialist powers are coming to the Sahel to defend Democracy and Human Rights.

Speaking of Human Rights, I remind you that the first Charter in the World on this question of Human Rights is that of KURUKAN FUGA of 1236 in Mandé, present-day Mali. Therefore, let the expansionist moralizers keep their rhetoric of respect for human rights of variable geometry for the terrorists whom they supervise.

Second, Africa does not like to compare the dead! It is a lack of education to do so! Therefore, I respectfully bow to the memory of all nationalities who lost their lives in Africa in general and in the Sahel in particular. Thus, on the hazardous, condescending and unfortunate outings of the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron and which often border on the ridiculous while glorifying themselves in a hypothetical condescension towards the African peoples, I impose on myself the duty to give him a little lesson in story about its own story.

This is why classrooms are made so that children learn lessons and grow well, rather than devoting themselves to something else at the risk of getting lost forever. But to begin with, I would like to point out that no African people have opposed the French people: there is therefore no anti-French feeling in Africa and there never will be due to our legendary hospitality and love of neighbor. The African peoples reject condescension, arrogance, insolence, complacency, paternalism, the plundering of their resources and organized crime.

Indeed, for your memory, Mr. Emmanuel MACRON: First, I recall the appeal through the BBC in England on June 14, 1940 launched by your own grandfather General De Gaule to Africa to come and save France from the clutches of the Nazis. As a reminder we have:

✓ “17,000 Malians died during the two world wars. A blood debt that France seems to have concealed”, Cf book by Bakari KAMIAN, Associate Professor of Sorbonne University: “From the verdum trenches to the Saint-Bernard church: 80,000 Malian fighters to the aid of France ( 1914-1918) and 1939-1945”. (Editions KARTHALA./ 2001. Extracts: 343-345);

✓ “…Deaths for France (Page 343) Table 20: veterans in AOF, 1952 and 1959;

✓ Page 344, Table 21: Sudanese veterans of the two wars:

– Total victims of Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger: 82,208 fallen combatants;

– General Total AOF: 154,519 combatants. Cf. Source: Henri LIGER, End of mission report in AOF, Dakar, July 13, 1950, Archive of Senegal, symbol 4 D 68 (89) – see Appendix V.

Then, on November 17, 1986, François Mitterrand, French president at the time, in response to Captain Thomas SANKARA said: “Africa has been pillaged. I talked about raw materials. I should have talked about men! For centuries, we have exploited you humanly: we have stolen your men, your women, your children. We used you. I understand your refusal, your revolt, and I approve of your fight. You are right to refuse to be a sacrificed Continent. The time has come when you yourself must develop your economies from its goods and its people. And the duty of these countries which have profited improperly from African labor is to restore to Africa a part of what has been taken over the past centuries.” Indeed, Africa has always been heavily plundered but it remains rich in people, in value and mineral wealth. For proof:

Speaking of these mineral resources, Africa is:

– 30% of global mineral reserves;

– 40% of gold reserves;

– 33% of diamond reserves;

– 80% of coltan reserves (telephones);

– 60% of Cobalt reserves (batteries);

– 55% of Uranium reserves etc.

It is for the firm defense of this Africa that African youth are standing up more than ever.

Mr. MACRON, do you still need a little history to remind you?

Finally, long before this regrettable and therefore unfortunate exit of French President Emmanuel Macron, he, like so many other of his fellow politicians, had attacked African motherhood and there too, I would like to remind him that:

– Germany has around 83 million inhabitants over an area of 347,000 km2 facing Congo which has 95 million inhabitants over an area of 2,345,000 km2;

– Belgium has 11 million inhabitants over an area of 30,000 km2 compared to Gabon which has 2.5 million inhabitants over 267,000 km2;

– France has approximately 68 million inhabitants over 672,329 km2 compared to Namibia which has 2.5 million inhabitants over 825,000 km2.

It is on the strength of all the above that Aimé Césaire (Peace to his soul) said: “Africa is the only continent in the world where the populations sing, dance and applaud for those who impoverish them, starve them and torture them. Africa’s misfortune is to have encountered France!

Certainly the West has violated, raped and robbed Africa, what is our share of responsibility as African leaders?

Is it not us, African leaders, who are ready to be trampled on? Indeed, we have abandoned our identity to be nothing. Our names have disappeared to make way for other imported names that do not fit our realities. We need to reclaim our culture. We have aped by copying the West in monogamy, now today they want us to believe that counter values, unnatural attitudes fall within the scope of freedom! There will be no question of homosexuality in our home!

Mister President ;

What has just been described are the profoundly unfortunate labels of a UN today summarized only in its formal portion because:

– 1.2 billion people are plunged into poverty;

– 2000 billion US dollars in armaments;

– 20 times the UN Budget in nuclear power;

– on development issues, Africa receives 34 billion US dollars from the IMF and the World Bank compared to 160 billion US dollars in the West;

– the paralysis of the UN Security Council;

– the paralysis of the World Trade Organization;

– the rise in tensions following geostrategic repositioning;

– the World Trade Organization (WTO) is blocked;

– The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) which operate as real usurers;

– the World Health Organization (WHO), which is increasingly dominated by commercial pharmaceutical companies, thus giving commercial and social priority to vaccines such as the COVID-19 vaccine;

– the UN which is increasingly becoming a shadow of itself due to attempts to take it hostage by a conglomerate of international powers, thus blurring the clarity and seriousness in its decision-making;

– etc.

Consequently, the African people in general and the Sahelian people in particular will fight vigorously so that ECOWAS, the African Union and even the UN are institutions truly serving the people of the world for their profound emancipation and true social progress. Because these are the failings of these organizations, their lack of sincerity, their clientelist and variable geometry decisions, the cover-up of constitutional tampering with their share of crimes, the promotion of bad governance, looting, social disorganization and corruption which inevitably lead to coups d’état which are therefore only consequences.

So let’s deal with the causes and the consequences will disappear by themselves. But if we continue with this game of Austria, the diplomacy of hypocrisy, the shameless lie of the State, the organized crimes, the constitutional tinkering and the creation of lackeys at the head of our African States, even the UN risks not escaping a coup d’état! A word to the wise, hello!

In this sense and in order to take control of their destiny, Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso signed the Alliance of Sahel States, abbreviated AES.

The AES is an architecture for securing our countries based on the revised treaty of the integrated development authority of the Liptako-Gourma Region. Taking into account the security situation and especially the lack of frankness in the partnership; it is about relying on our own resources by seeking to pool our means and working to eliminate discontinuities in operational maneuvering spaces.

Mister President ;

I tell you forcefully and firmly, in a loud and intelligible voice that: Firstly, we, African people, are fundamentally democratic. As proof, our attachment to human dignity transcends democracy! What we refuse is therefore less democracy than “the trap of democracy” which is set for us. Thus, electoral democracy has proven to be a means of controlling our States through the game of musical chairs of leaders who are very often impostors, corrupt, thieves and violators of the constitution because they are foreign to the only valid interest of our African States.

Secondly, are we Africans recognized today in our DIGNITY AS A MAN, in the sense of “A Man is equal to a Man”? The answer, undoubtedly, is NO, beyond the appropriate circumstances to put us to sleep and better enslave us! Sad for the black continent, scientifically recognized as the cradle of humanity but in reality humiliated, placed under dominated control!

From fake independence to fratricidal wars, from electoral democracy to biased aid, from predatory wars to terrorism maliciously manufactured, maintained and injected into our African countries, particularly in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, there is only one constant: we to dominate, to keep the “foot on our neck” such as the case of our unfortunate brother George Floyd in the United States right here! Is this democracy?

And there are supporters of this narrow conception of freedom to intellectually justify enslavement and barbarism against our peoples fighting for their dignity and sovereignty in the name of a paradoxical principle of freedom which ultimately assassinates freedom. Oh Liberty, what crime have we not committed in your name!

This is why we now decide to say NO! NO to all these “friends who wish us well” to the point of threatening us with war to impose their friendship! We will adapt this democracy so much brandished and sung by Wolves in rams’ skins, in order to secrete, by ourselves, the adequate political leadership for our people with a view to their HAPPINESS. Yes, total emancipation and true social progress for our people constitute the aim of all action, whether political, economic, socio-cultural and/or security.

Thirdly, the African people in general and those of the Sahel in particular have discovered chains of economic, security and socio-cultural alienation materialized in secret agreements with France and are committed to breaking them for their true emancipation. These are among others:

– the colonial debt, we are not going to close our eyes and pay it while letting our populations die of hunger, thirst and disease;

– the question of currency, therefore the CFA Franc (Franc of the French Colonies of Africa) is not African property. On a legal level, “property” is “the right to enjoy and dispose of things in the most absolute manner” (Article 544 of the French Civil Code). A patent is therefore held by France on the CFA Franc; it therefore owns the CFA Franc and rents it to French-speaking African States. What is also funny is that the banknotes produced by France for West Africa differ from those of Central Africa in monetary value under the same name of CFA franc. The only document recognizing the CFA Franc is Decree No. 45-0136 of December 26, 1945, the signatories of which were: Charles De Gaulle, President of the Provisional Government; Réné PLEVEN Minister of Finance and Jacques SOUSTELLE,

– priority to French interests and companies in public markets and public calls for tender;

– the exclusive right to supply military equipment and train military officers of the colonies;

– etc.

Fourth, no one applauds a coup d’état, but if we ignore that these coups are often consequences of bad governance and constitutional tinkering to gain additional mandates, there will always be some. So let us have the lucidity to fight the real causes while remaining demanding on respect for democratic rules and virtuous governance.

Fifth, the African people are not opposed to the French people. But it is rather French policy, full of condescension, which is rejected. Indeed, France, by refusing the repatriation of its challenged ambassador to Niger, is a violation of international law, in particular article 9 paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961.

By deciding to ban artists from Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger in France, there is a serious misunderstanding of the cultural significance as a driver of family, community and even national balance. The artist is a psychic doctor.

By declaring that they do not want unemployed people, migrants, thieves etc. in France, we in Africa in general and in the Sahel in particular, it is the producers of the unemployed and thieves through the cynical plundering of our resources that we do not want.

My sincere gratitude to the people of the world, and to all the personalities at all levels in the world who understand and accompany Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger in this certainly difficult but priestly climb on the path to full emancipation , the expression of dignity, honor, freedom, equality, prosperity, Justice and therefore Peace!

Faced with the situation facing Burkina Faso, the Burkinabe government has implemented vigorous actions through the adoption of a new development plan, the Action Plan for Stabilization and Development (PA-SD 2023- 2025), and its four priority axes which are:

– The fight against terrorism and the restoration of territorial integrity;

– The response to the humanitarian crisis;

– The rebuilding of the State and the improvement of governance;

– National reconciliation and social cohesion.

These efforts aim to offer the Burkinabe population better living conditions. While welcoming all the partners around the world who support us, we strongly invite those who are still in doubt or paralyzed by reports with false content that they are welcome in Burkina Faso provided that the partnership fits with the vision of the Transition summarized in these four axes.

Long live the UN!

Long live the 78th Session of the General Assembly!

Long live the people in struggle!

Long live solidarity between Peoples!

Long live Free Africa!

Long live the Alliance of Sahel States!

Long live Burkina Faso, Land of Integrity Men!


Homeland or Death We Will Win!

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