Tribunal Judgment: Abia set to celebrate the resounding victory of Labour Party & Dr. Alex Otti 

Let every residents of Abia be rest assured that come 6th of October we will repeat the victory dance of 22nd March 2023 when our Victory over darkness was announced and the whole world celebrated with us!

On the 6th October 2023, The Abia State Governorship Petition Tribunals sitting in Umuahia will declare its judgment.

In preparation for the outcomes of the judgement, individuals apprehensive of their confirmed failure have been running amuck like loose mad dogs barking at every social and mainstream media platforms with wild and unfounded  propaganda to deceive unsuspecting members of the public while some unfortunate myopic fellows that stumbled upon overnight wealth through unscrupulous participation in politics foot their bills.

Let me make this clear to all the hardworking People of Abia State and friends of good governance, that neither the People’s governor, Dr. Alex Otti nor any member of Labour Party is loosing sleep over the Shenanigans of political rogue elements and their Halleluya Boys singing at every fora, lyrics of hyms of blackmail and songs of drowning miserable failures that have been rejected by the good people of Abia State for ever.

We do not and will never flinch at the noise and distractions of sons of darkness, whom has destroyed this homeland and running about like witches with satanic falsehood and distortions because that is what they’re made of. 

Therefore, they’re practicing the art of their profession of evil and debauchery.

For the benefits of doubt, Labour Party and Alex Otti on the 18th March 2023, humiliated and defeated PDP and their allies with the total support of over 80% of Abians including members of the PDP that were completely fed up of rogue elements and misfits parading as leaders.

Every matter of objections relating to the conduct of the gubernatorial elections that the PDP and their allies ran to court with in their ignorance and greed have been clearly proven to be false and deliberate act of mischief and  distractions, right in their face including the Alex Otti NYSC saga, the Alex Otti APC resignation list, the conduct of LP primaries and membership of the party, etc..,

While we do not hold brief for the court, Every proven document relating to the allegations raised by the PDP failures and their Allies were tendered at the court and right in their face they saw how naked and humiliated the people of Abia have risen against them, and right there, their second journey of infamy to the cemetery began.

The next thing they considered as tactics is to run to the public and begin to sponsor media calumny, blackmail and false propaganda to deceive the unsuspecting public.

Well, the good news is; While PDP and their Halleluya Boys continues to fool themselves with the thought of APC alliance to unseat the People’s governor at the Tribunals, Abians are not deaf to all the rumours flying around as they constitute a nuisance and mere distractions, neither is Abia people blind to see that Almighty God has delivered the state from satanic agents parading as politicians and their miserable errand Boys scouts doing their bidding for crumbs that will never feed their families but subject them to eternal misery.

I encourage every resident and the Hardworking people of Abia State to take note that God has brought HELP TO ABIANS through the election of Alex Otti and Labour Party and the Help is Here to stay.

More so, as the entire world and investors focuses its attention on the New Abia with news of accelerated developments and genuine leadership commitment to revive collapsed industries, rebuild new cities, road networks and light up Abia for all it’s 24 years of darkness..

Let every residents of Abia be rest assured that come 6th of October we will repeat the victory dance of 22nd March 2023 when our Victory over darkness was announced and the whole world celebrated with us!

…Forward Ever!

Thank you and God blessings upon you all

Njoku Jerry Ajike 
State Publicity Secretary, LP, Abia

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