Synergy between the government and the people: the magic wand for transformation 

In the New Abia State, the Government has a critical role to play and the Citizens must compliment the efforts of the Government 

By Ukoha Njoku Ukoha 

The New Abia State under Governor Alex Otti is in a hurry to transform the State from Filthy Dumpsite, Bad Roads & Potholes Capital of Nigeria with Blocked Drainages and Flooded Road at any drop of Rain to a Private Sector driven Effective Waste Management Model, Reconstructed and Well Maintained Road Network with Regularly Desilted Drainages to Channel all Rain Waters and Control Flooding. Reconstruction and Construction of Old and New Roads is being executed with the proper environmental impact assessment to get the best result. Construction Giants like, Craneburg Construction Company (CCC), Julius Berger and China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) are at various stages of project works in the State. Julius Berger will soon deploy machineries to Port-Harcourt Road as they are at the completion stage of the design and environmental impact assessment on that very strategic Road. 

The New Abia State requires a New Mindset both from the Government and the Citizens. Governor Alex Otti has shown good faith in the renewed Social Contract between Abians and the Government they voted for. The people must show good faith to balance the social contract. The New harmonised single Tax System introduced by the New Government has eliminated multiple taxation and harrassement of law abiding citizens by Touts and illegal revenue collectors.

 The Citizens have the option of seamlessly paying their taxes without harassment, intimidation or enforcement. As the Government is reconstructing and repairing existing Roads and building new roads, the Citizens must stop littering the streets. All indiscriminate street trading and the using of streets as Mechanic Workshop, Loading Bay, and Wares Display Spot must stop. Trading on top of the Drainage must be discarded like the old order in the New Abia State. All trading must be done and conducted behind the Drainages and Gutters to assist the Government to return sanity and order to our streets, Roads and Environment. Keke and Commercial Bus drivers must resist and stop the temptation of double parking on the Roads. 

They must learn to adhere to traffic rules and stop picking and loading passengers at unauthorised spots. There is urgent need for the local authorities and the State Traffic Management Agency to mark Bus stops, designated loading spots, unauthorised and non-stopping areas etc. 

In the New Abia State, the Government has a critical role to play and the Citizens must compliment the efforts of the Government to make Abia truly New. The Synergy must be activated Now. Citizens must stand up to those breaking the Laws. 

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