Abia and Otti’s disruptive approach to the old order

Alex Otti and Labour Party came with a prepared template to disrupt and overhaul entire enterprise of Abia dysfunctional administrative system

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

Chief John Okiyi Kalu,(KOK) former Commissioner for Trade & Investment, and Director of Strategic Communication of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Abia state wrote and published what he refers to as the Original Abia to the New Abia, a mockery of the Alex Otti led Labour Party government.

Naturally, one would have let it slip as a work of self conceit as it is very obvious to every resident in Abia State what JOK and his group represented in his so acclaimed ‘Original Abia’ – recorded as one of the worst political administration in the south east. An ‘Original Abia’ that was most heartless to the plight of the citizenry especially the work force whom JOK and his masters owed over 40 months and almost grinding to a halt the economy of the onetime south east commercial hub and leaving the cities in filth and confusion of administrative responsibilities.

Till date, the Alex Otti led Labour Party government is still battling with the confusion and mind boggling mismanagement created by the JOK group of Original Abia

Whereas in the JOK’s original Abia, according to his opening remark; ‘leaders show empathy and put the people first before any other thing’ – one may not be mistaken to ask; is it the leaders that were stealing pensioners money leaving them to die a painful miserable death, or is it the ones that were stealing government money under the guise of ghost workers, perhaps it is the one that deliberately influenced the collapse of the academic institutions leading to the withdrawal of accreditation licenses or the ones that took a whooping 7 years to build a 500 meters overpass at Osisioma junction and insulting the citizenry if they have a car to drive cross the bridge, for daring to question reason for the delays and sheer neglect.

Now Coming to treat the crux of his diatribe on leadership and about certain 26 workers that went to the residence of Governor Otti to protest for the mere concern that they voted for Labour Party under the sun only to be sacked after Otti became governor of the New Abia under Labour Party, JOK, relishing under self conceit failed abysmally to balance the empathy of his Original Abia and their commitment to governance which left a sour taste and angst among the citizenry of the state whom when the opportunity arrives did not hesitate to overwhelmingly kick PDP and their Original Abia out for their gross negligence to dire administrative matters and economic sustenance of the state.

For the sake of emphasis, while it was just couple of weeks to leave office and handover to a competent leadership that the people of Abia state has desired for the past 24 years, the Leaders of the Original Abia flooded the civil service with thousands of workers and promoted many overnight, at other instances, it was alleged the job seeker out of desperation parted up to 350,000.00 Naira for a job slot and the leaders of the JOK Original Abia had a field day deceiving the people and stealing from the hapless citizenry, perhaps including the 26 workers he is struggling to defend today.

Albeit the group of 26 have to be laid off in the course of tidying up the administrative mess the JOK group left in their Original Abia, it is certainly at their best interest to get their paperwork in the civil service tidied up but JOK chose to deceive them a third time by showing fake sympathy to their plight, a problem they originally created and subjected the innocent citizenry to.
Now, should Governor Otti approve of such administrative rascality and abuse of office?
While some of us are very aware of the efforts of government to remedy this anomaly even by opening an Inquiry Desk at the Accountant General office, it would suffice to state that what the JOK PDP administration did was to destabilize the civil service structure in order to maintain their conduit of stealing from government whereas Alex Otti outsmarted them by dismantling entire system of graft and called for a complete rehaul.

It’s on record, till date; the mess and damage of what they had created is what Otti and the Labour party government has been engaged fixing, working all through the night and days to reconcile and repair a system that was badly and poorly managed by members of the so called Original Abia of myopic leadership.

Perhaps, in their ignorance, they had assumed this will pave way for early collapse or frustration for the coming government but they failed woefully in the plot.

This is where the Alex Otti led Labour Party government has disrupted their entire system of the Original Abia and instead of keeping quiet in honor they chose to teach Otti how to govern despite their abysmal performance while in office.

Perhaps, it is obvious to state here that JOK did not see anything new in the ‘New Abia’ but his old self of filth, deception and sycophancy which assumed a disturbing height when across the city all you see is giant Bill Boards of Kinetic Governor, the Rebuilder of Abia, Best Governor in South East, etc while Abia stinks to high heavens according to Billionaire businessman Arthur Eze.

It is of note that since the emergence of the Labour Party government led by Alex Otti, all the characters that participated in the mess and backwardness residents of Abia state suffered has been seeking every means by the crook to get back to the system and they choose to do that by shouting foul at every move of the government of the New Abia perhaps they could be noticed easily then JOK found an easy target to prey upon among the 26 protesters that showed up at the residence of the Governor.
Until the emergence of Governor Alex Otti as the new leader under the Labour Party platform Abia state and its residents were almost brought to their knees by this same leaders of the Original Abia as booties of war with every representative in government focused on a selfish chase of grab and run leaving the state in economic quagmire.

Every heist was celebrated with an Award Party and unmerited honorary titles to people called to work but they chose to relish in self conceit. This is what the Alex Otti led Labour party government has come to put final stop to. Therefore it is merely natural to see proponent of the original Abia of corrupt and criminal elements in government find alternative means to penetrate or destroy.

Njoku SaintJerry A. is the State Publicity Secretary of Labour Party, Abia

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