ABIA: as the Tribunals winds up, Labour Party remains victorious at all levels, condemns rumours of loss

I want to believe that the precedents set by the 6th September epoch judgment of PEPT remains a yardstick for further legal decision on electoral matters in Nigeria. Although subject to further interpretation at the Supreme Court, However, at the moment Labour Party in Abia state remain victorious at all levels – Njoku Jerry A.

As reported

Prior to the opening of the election Petition Tribunals in Umuahia, Labour Party Abia remains on top from the governorship victory willingly given to God’s servant and the peoples’ leader, Dr. Alex Otti, to the 10 duly elected Members of the State House of Assembly plus 1 in dispute and the 6 clearly won seats at the Federal House of Assembly.

As the Tribunals winds up, all positions remains intact and Labour Party maintains its victory over defeated political opponents and political rogue elements that have held the state in hostages for over 2 decades.

We are aware of news going round that the victory of Abia state LP duly elected lawmakers at the Federal and State House of Assembly has been upturned or nullified; perhaps this calls for momentary excitement in the camp of all the defeated enemies of God’s people and confusion to the ordinary innocent people that may not understand the legal precedents of electoral situation in Nigeria today.
Therefore I make this clear statement.

  1. 1. The candidate seeking for nullification of Rep Member Hon Amobi Oga, challenged the validity of Ogah’s nomination by Labour Party among other things, whereas the recent epoch judgment passed by PEPT on the 6th of September 2023, declaring that non member of a political party has no jurisdiction to challenge how the party conducts its internal affairs has automatically erased that position therefore affirming Ogah’s victory
  2. 2. Secondly the candidate seeking for the nullification of Hon. Amobi Oga’s victory automatically abandon her petition the moment she accepted the Ministerial appointment as Federal Minister of State for Labour and Employment and by position of the law she cannot be a member of two arms of government
  3. 3. And notably, other matters before the tribunal including actual number of votes cast are all subject to verification and do not call for any media fanfare, hysteria or jubilation by those the good people of Abia has unanimously given the exit card to stay away from the business of representing the good people of Isiukwuato/Umuneochi Federal Constituency as it is not a family hierarchy or an entitlement of any single individual.
  4. 4. On the case of Hon. Emeka Nnamani of Aba North / South Federal Constituency, it has been an existing appeal bothering on certificate saga and subject to further verification and final decision at the Supreme court, however, In reference to the statusquo delivered by the 6th September 2023, 5 man Judicial panel at the recently concluded Presidential Election Petition Tribunal, (PEPT) there may not be separate conflicting court judgment on issues regarding qualifications of a candidate as pronounced by the PEPT in its epoch judgment. This matter shall remain under political party’s prerogative and not subject to any challenge by an outsider; otherwise Nigeria will be making an endless fun of its legal system.
  5. 5. As much as I do not speak for the law, I have an average understanding of the epoch judgment delivered on the 6th of September 2023 by the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT) and I want to believe the precedents they have set remains a yardstick for further legal decision on electoral matters in Nigeria. Although subject to further interpretation at the Supreme Court but at the moment Labour Party in Abia state remain victorious at all levels.
  6. 6. Hon Ibe Okwara Osonwa of Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency,
    Hon Ginger Onwusibe of Isiala Ngwa North / South Federal Constituency, Hon. Obi Aguocha of Umuahia North/ South / Ikwuano Federal Constituency, Hon Kalu Mba Nwoke (Etiokwe) of Ohafia South, at the State House of Assembly and many others have all roundly defeated and humiliated their opponents at the Tribunals and their victories clearly affirmed therefore I do not understand what will adults and those going round confusing the innocent public of what never transpired at the court benefit in propagating falsehood on social media platforms.
  7. 7. I am very much aware of the psychological damage the leadership of these defeated politicians has left on the people, there is so much hunger and extreme lack in the land therefore for little sum of money, young people are quick to run to the social media to propagate falsehood at the excitement of these failures that has been in politics for over 2 decades and has achieved nothing that warrant their re-election. This is just the conclusion of the whole matter.
  8. 8. As the tribunal draws close to its final days, on behalf of Labour Party, I want to encourage every Abia state residents and indigenes to be rest assured that the mandate you have given to every duly elected officer of the party remains intact and the victory remains yours to enjoy in the new Abia of Hope that Labour under the great leadership of Dr. Alex Otti has brought unto us all.

I remain humble
Thank you
Njoku Jerry Ajike
State Publicity Secretary, Abia

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