“Perhaps those parading as political leaders are not aware or they have resolved to thrive in pretense, No amount of propaganda against Labour Party and Alex Otti will make the people of Abia ever accept PDP back

As we warm up to the final days of the Tribunals, Residents and People of Abia State have taken notice of PDP and their rejected political rogue elements parading as community champions and propaganda mercenaries for the little money left in their vaults.

I want to seize this medium to draw the attention of the people of Abia State, never to panic for even a minute nor entertain doubts on the victory of Labour Party and Governor Alex Otti at all times

We have seen the videos of their e-rats disparaging the leadership of our party.

We are watching PDP and their rogue elements running from Pillar to posts with cheap propaganda from the outcomes of the Tribunals to deceive nobody but themselves

There is no game, antics or Shenanigans of the defeated enemy of the Hardworking People of Abia state that we are not their Master.

For the benefit of doubt, I made out time to attend the Abia state governorship petition Tribunals sitting in Umuahia and in attendance is the team of lawyers at both ends and a handful of supporters of both Parties in most cases not numbering up to 40 altogether, and in all the days of the court sitting, There was never a day that neither PDP, their star witness or their counsels did not fumble and eventually walked out of the court defeated

For every day they report to court, they depart in defeat, humiliated and scorned, it was so bad that you begin to wonder what exactly do these people want to achieve with all the charades in court

At one occasion, even PDP Star witness, a lawyer and former cabinet member of the defeated PDP, a certain Mr. Charles ESONU walked up to the witness box and rubbishes his own statement, he walked out humiliated in defeat, the same goes with their counsels and their supporters, even the witness from INEC countered all PDP depositions leaving them so badly bruised

From the NYSC certificate saga against Alex Otti, to his membership of APC, to Non participation of the candidates at the Primaries, absence of INEC witness at the LP Congress and membership of LP candidates, and the Obingwa magic results, every matter PDP brought to court all turned out against them and clarified their overall defeat

Perhaps PDP and their rogue elements parading as political leaders are not aware or they have resolved to thrive in pretense, No amount of propaganda against Labour Party and Alex Otti will make the people of Abia ever accept them back

If you listen carefully you will hear the drumbeat of the ants, Abians are not giving a second thought about it, you may wish to verify.

PDP in Abia is dead and buried!

The idea of going public to create a smokescreen of unrest or protest or whatever if the Judges declare PDP victorious at the tribunals against the authentic victory of Labour Party over the darkness that PDP has represented in 24 years is just one of the numerous antics of dumb failures.

Good enough, We are your Masters in the game and the Judges are not easily fooled.

The Nigerian Judiciary may have appeared compromised these days but the people of Abia State still maintain their confidence in the Judiciary especially Judges handling the Abia state Governorship Petition Tribunals and at the appropriate time they will deliver nothing but justice.

Labour Party do not lose sleep over whatever antics of those rogue elements living off on money they have defrauded the people of Abia State over the years.

This is the People’s Party and the government in power today belongs to the people of Abia State because they overwhelmingly voted and elected their choice without any kind of inducement.

Those who takes pride in stolen money to forment trouble and deceive the public with their cheap propaganda would do themselves only one good, listen to the music by Peter Tosh,

‘He who live in a glasshouse don’t throw stones because they will come crashing”,

This is the best counsel I can give for now

Thank you
I remain humble
Njoku Jerry Ajike
State Publicity Secretary
Labour Party, Abia

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