Abia Reset; A Twist in Time

“This 32nd anniversary of Abia state will remain indelible as the year Abians pushed the Reset Button to deviate from the deception of the past to the reality of the future” 

Njoku SaintJerry A.

Executive Governor of Abia State, Dr. Alex Otti in his anniversary speech emphasized on his administration resolve to set up a governance architecture that is a marked departure from the past.

In doing that, the governor took one of the hardest decisions by any political office holder in history by handpicking his lieutenants outside the party leanings. In the past, every political administration celebrates its victory by distributing positions to political patronages, in most cases, assignment of offices takes little cognizance of merit, competence or the capacity to deliver successful outcomes. The party is supreme and remains so and once it is in power, it must wield absolute power.
Positions are shared or bought over according to what you contributed to the party’s victory at the polls, either by the crook or by the hook.

Abia and previous political administration was not only culpable but it soon became a culture, beginning from the first democratic dispensation of the state till 18th March 2023, political office holders were literarily handpicked by stakeholders and shoved upon the people’s neck and the outcome led Abia to its sordid political and administrative situation.

Governor Alex Otti said; “by assembling some of our most accomplished sons and daughters to join me in the onerous task of leading the state along the path that guarantees superior outcomes, I made it clear that it would no more be business as usual and that Abia must work, this time for everyone.” And this is where the story of the ABIA RESET begun. 

When organisers of the 32nd anniversary of Abia state chose to deviate from the usual fanfare the activities is known for, and opted for a novelty match, visits to the orphanage, providing free healthcare and thanksgiving service and a lecture on “Hitting the Reset Button” It was obvious, those who chose this slogan for this year anniversary acted in wisdom to understand the signs of times.
Abians have had enough, whether it is the politics or the individuals managing the politics, every person of Abia state origin has just had enough of same actors and dreamers celebrating their ignorance and crass disconnection from the reality of governance every year and awarding themselves for their error and mismanagement of public trust. Who does that?

I once walked into the office of former governor of Abia state and I took a notice of award plaques, trophies and award certificates that littered the wall so much that there was no space to take more awards yet they kept coming with each screaming one achievement of the governor and his aides or the other, despite established facts that these achievements only exists on Billboards and Newspapers at the detriment of their praise singers who have been so deprived and lost their senses to question what is wrong or acceptable.

Previous Abia state political office holders were so decorated, not even the late sage Nelson Mandela, not even Dee Sam Mbakwe of blessed memory were so decorated as Abia state political aides and men occupying political offices and most worrisome, for doing so little or nothing until people begin to organise these award parties for money.

I am a proponent of “Withdraw all forms of awards” to political office holders, therefore when Governor Alex Otti of the New Abia of our time made that epoch announcement during his inauguration speech on 29th May 2023, that all awards of any kind should be reserved until this administration has delivered, I considered that a twist in time and a complete RESET of the New Abia of the future where leaders will be judged based on the services they have delivered while in office and not because they paid some women and boys to organise one jamboree party for some individuals enjoying political offices they owe no responsibility to other than to serve the interest of the man that appointed them into office on patronage.

This 32nd anniversary of Abia state will remain indelible as the year Abians pushed the Reset Button to deviate from the deception of the past to the reality of the future that is endowed with prosperity and peace for all.

More so, Governor Alex Otti reiterated his commitment in his anniversary speech saying “as the days go by, Abians would be seeing demonstrable proof that indeed, Abia’s time has come.” And most importantly is the continuous reminder that, before the end of the year Abians will appreciate that indeed, we as a people is going somewhere positive. Said Governor Otti

Njoku SaintJerry A is the State Publicity Secretary of Labour Party, Abia

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