Relationship and the Golden Rule

What is the “golden rule” when it comes to relationships?

When it starts to feel one-sided, that’s your sign to go.

If you’re a giver, find another giver.

Relationships require more than just love.

Your partner’s needs are just as equal as your own.

Finding your right fit partner requires discernment + wisdom to be selective.

Some people come to your life just to show you deserve better.

Just because it could have been different does not mean it would have worked out.

The right person going to show you that you wasn’t even asking for too much
If you don’t tell people how you feel, they won’t know.

Always remember: if it drains you, it’s not for you.

What are some unwritten social rules everyone should know?

When with your friends/partner don’t fiddle around with your phone. Give them your “energy” and not just presence.

If you are invited to someone’s place always take something along. Could be as simple as a bottle of wine or as elaborate as a home made cake.

Say thank you, please and sorry when needed. Nothing wrong in being polite.

Help someone with the door if they have their hands full when entering a mall, shop, restaurant etc.

When someone asks you for stock/financial advice tell them you don’t know better than them! Avoid stock tips, you can ruin someone’s life.

When someone is talking, really listen. Look into their eyes time to time and nod. Does not matter if it’s a guy or a girl

Give credit where credit is due. Take responsibility if things don’t work out too.

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