ABIA: PDP Star witness humiliated at the tribunals; Closes Hearing in Defeat

“it is very obvious that PDP in Abia will remain defeated and humiliated at any time they dare to challenge the strong will and mandate of the good people of Abia state freely given to Dr. Alex Otti of Labour Party” – Njoku Jerry Ajike, LP State Publicity Secretary

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

PDP closed their hearing at the Tribunals yesterday on a very bad performance that was scheduled by destiny to befall them

Cowards die many times before their final annihilation and PDP in Abia State has not failed in proving us right at every turn that they’re destined to continue to fail at every turn because Abia has rejected them and will continue to reject them at every levels of their wicked manipulation

At the ongoing Abia State Governorship Petition Tribunals, Barrister Charles Esonu, former cabinet member and a Commissioner under the defunct PDP administration and an appointed collation agent for Obingwa fumbled as a star witness while at the dock to defend the acclaimed Obingwa electoral victory.

First, it was the PDP counsels who exhibited high level of unpreparedness, as it took them up to solid two hours of the court time to get their acts organized in order to start their hearing.
Then the star witness went further to heighten the mess and disorder initiated by their counsels.

Under cross-examination, Mr. Charles Esonu was rambling, could not read the written deposition he claimed he authored, He was unable to properly identify documents in his own written deposition even when the document he had written by himself was placed right in his face – he later claimed to be suffering from occasional visual deficiency

Mr. Umeh Kalu, (SAN) counsel to Labour Party , asked Mr. Charles Esonu if he has more than one signatures, he answered YES, Mr. Umeh also asked Esonu if there is anything in his written deposition he wishes to deny, Esonu responded NO, that everything is correct and he stands by them.
However, on cross examination Mr. Charles Esonu admitted that the Obingwa results from INEC computation is correct, this contradicts his written deposition that Obingwa results are incorrect. Also from his written deposition it was found that he signed more than one signature.

Mr. Ken Ahia (SAN), counsel to  the Dr. Alex Otti,  on cross examining Charles Esonu, the PDP star witness,  pointed out different signatures by Esonu,  but Mr. Esonu claimed some were his initials.

Also in his written deposition, Mr. Charles Esonu stated that he was LG collation agent for Obingwa and visited many polling units  under his jurisdiction, but on cross examination by Mr. Ken Ahia (SAN) he could not mention not even one polling unit he visited on 18 march, 2023, the governorship election day. 

Also Mr. Charles Esonu was shown the Obingwa result sheet in his written deposition which he claimed was certified by INEC, but when asked by Mr. Ken Ahia (SAN) to point out INEC stamp on the document, he could not.

In the same written deposition by Mr. Charles Esonu, he claimed that Chief Okechukwu Ahaiwe, governorship candidate for PDP scored the highest lawful votes cast in Obingwa but that the results were taken to an unknown place and it was purported to be Abuja and doctored in favour of Dr. Alex Otti. 

But on cross examination by Mr. Ladi Martins, counsel to Chief Chima Nwafor and YPP respectively asked Mr. Esonu to explain to the court the unknown place, whether at the LG or state collation centre when the Obingwa results were diverted, Mr. Charles Esonu still could not answer.

This is the fate of those the gods wish to destroy; he makes them run mad before they go naked, as the Abia state PDP closed their hearing at the tribunals on this final note, it is very obvious that PDP in Abia will remain defeated and humiliated at any time they dare to challenge the strong will and mandate of the good people of Abia state freely given to Dr. Alex Otti of Labour Party

Njoku SaintJerry A is the State Publicity of Labour Party, Abia

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