The new Abia and PDP & APC’s failure to understand the signs of times

“PDP in Abia state had a whooping 24 years to prove they’re anything worth reckoning as leaders but they failed in every aspect. Abia people has one assignment to do, and that is to continue to reject every member of PDP and their allies for the new lease of life Almighty God has brought upon the state,” – Njoku Jerry A

In a Statement issued by the Abia State Publicity Secretary of Labour Party,
Comrade Njoku Jerry A.

Of recent, members of the failed PDP administration that were kicked out by the good people of Abia state for gross incompetence, irresponsibility and lack of foresight in leadership, rather than show remorse for the harm and pain they have caused the hardworking people of Abia state and the ruin they brought upon the state have resorted to cheap blackmail and mud fight in their ignorance and failure to understand the signs of times that heralded their outright rejection and humiliation.  

We have noticed their struggle and others joining forces with them in their failure and hypocrisy  to confuse the public by distorting information they brandish on social media regarding the ongoing Election Petition Tribunal taking place in Umuahia.

Unfortunately they failed to understand that they are not in league with Labour Party but with the great people of Abia State who rose up enmasse under the platform of the workers party (LP) to uproot everything related to PDP by electing a man they found worthy in character and competence to revive hope that has been destroyed by over 2 decades of mismanagement of collective resources of the people and their homeland by animals in human skin that has no regard for civility but thrive in falsehood and deception – their stock in trade.

Take for instance the recent news that Alex Otti didn’t resign his membership of the apc, being propagated by individuals I will continue to describe as e-cockroaches struggling to gain relevance in company of hungry and miserable fellows ready to do anything to eat and survive in the harsh realities of life that Nigerians have found themselves. 
Whereas in the APC Constitution SEC. 9.5(i): titled CESSATION OF MEMBERSHIP: and it reads; “Membership of the Party shall be terminated by death, resignation, expulsion, ‘Procurement of membership of another political party’, accepting political appointment from any political party or opposition Government.”*
Therefore if Alex Otti left APC to join Labour Party, what did the APC constitution say regarding such move as outlined above?

Secondly I have come across another long and windy narrative in which the PDP in one of its celebrated falsehood and deception claimed that INEC did not monitor Labour Party Congress in South East and so many other lies deliberately concocted to deceive the ignorant but not the great people of Abia state whom unanimously gave their mandate to Alex Otti and Labour Party in a manner never, ever envisaged by the humiliated political rogue elements parading as leaders under the failed PDP administration

More so, It was my humble self that presided over the congress by Labour Party held at Patoria Hotel, Umuahia in 2022 in the presence of INEC officer as witness and 2 DSS officials therefore I do not know which other congress is PDP referring to. I could go on and on to debunk most of the lies and deceits they have put together and circulating on the social media to deceive the people, perhaps to distract Dr. Alex Otti and Labour Party from the great reconstruction of the state they left in ruins 

It is on record that one of the greatest damage the PDP did to the people of Abia state is destroying their sense to read and reason, otherwise those who write for them will take the pains to read and reason before they chose to bring their foolishness and ignorance to the public domain for pennies that will never satisfy them.
The APC constitution is very specific on a member that left the party to join other party, you automatically become ex-communicated whether you officially resigned or not.

Then regarding the matter for which they are in court and bamboozling the public with their false narratives. Similar case came up between Mr. Peter Obi the Presidential candidate of Labour Party and Allied Peoples Movement, (APM) of which, they, in the appeal marked: CA/ABJ/CV/1414/2022 argued that INEC, ought not to have recognised Peter Obi as a valid candidate for the presidential poll. Laying claim to the period of Obi’s defection for the purpose of contesting the presidential election according to sections 77 (2) and (3) of the Electoral Act, 2022.
For the benefit of doubt; Dr. Alex Otti joined Labour Party before Mr. Peter Obi ahead of the election and that epoch judgment in favour of Mr. Peter Obi is in the public domain

The question sane people of Abia State should ask members of PDP and their e-cockroaches is; what exactly do they want?

PDP in Abia state had a whooping 24 years to prove they’re anything worth reckoning as leaders but they failed in every aspect. They had the opportunity to write their names in gold but they did the reverse. Unfortunately for them the people of Abia state are no longer ready to leave governance in the hands of those that do not have any serious business being in government other than to steal and defraud.

How they think they’re able to manipulate their way back to Abia governance is one wonder of the century that will continue to beat the imagination of the average Abians.

Let us not talk about APC and its confusionist elements claiming Methuselah of Abia State politics. The ward Chairman APC brought to court as witness claiming Alex Otti’s membership of the party, buoyed by free money and empty APC promises of ‘bulabaloo’ rushed to the court to testify without ever bothering to read their own constitution and this is the problem of the average citizens and victimized people of Abia State, people boast of membership of institutions without studying the rules and regulations guiding such institutions

Like Eze Chikamnayo, like a certain Chinonye Mba, Iroha etc, all struggling day and night to outdo each other in their ignorance of statecraft, sycophancy and self deception. I do not know how longer you’ll continue to fool yourselves, thinking you’re fooling the Abians.

Abia people have made a choice and it stands till date.

Our leader, Alex Otti is burdened by years of administrative mess and civil destruction of governance perpetuated by the rogue political elements of previous administrations, and their miserable e-cockroaches whom have been busy running from Pillar to posts looking for court injunctions to stop the LP led government of Alex Otti from taking back from them what they have stolen from the people, to make matters worse, the same people are dreaming to return to government house in their thieving mind to continue to steal or continue to deceive the people and destroy homeland.

Abia people has one assignment to do, and that is to continue to reject every member of PDP and their allies for the new lease of life Almighty God has brought upon the state, Abia people is known for their hardwork and industry, which those scuttling around the courts looking for one funny judgment has deliberately destroyed over the years by withholding worker’s wages for years and stealing money meant for infrastructure development, therefore I wonder what they’re running around publishing falsehood and exposing their ignorance on social media every day.

I do not admit that the LP led government of Alex Otti has gotten it all but I am giving assurance to the people of Abia on behalf of our great party that we have the capability and capacity to turn Abia around to the joy and pride of every citizen

Thank you

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