How can Nigeria trust Tinubu to the rescue

“Tinubu out of the desperation to keep his stolen mandate is helping the Bretton Woods killer punch that has laid in wait all these years long. It takes a desperate leader like him to agree to crash the economy of his own country”

Dr. Engr. Odo Ijere

Listening to Ahmed Tinubu’s national broadcast on the 31st of July dithering to economic palliative packages after supervising the crashing of our economy in just two months of his presidency is so disgusting and emotionally excruciating. His much orchestrated national broadcast which tended to raise hopes of a possible reversal of his much maligned hike in PMS price regime to prohibitive and unacceptable ceilings only ended in endorsement of same evil policy. 

It beats one’s imagination how Tinubu and his economic conclave can settle for such devil’s advocate of totally crashing the economy of this country by embarking on such thoughtless price hikes of fuel which drives the economic survival of ordinary and very poor Nigerians. This is purely Buharinomics taken to a new unacceptable normal. Buhari’s wicked policies still permeate and still persist unapologetically. The hangover is surreal. 

The astronomical raising of the price of an economic stimuli commodity such as fuel from N185 to N600 and being coined deceitfully as removal of subsidy is attendant to the real economic crash that successive World Bank/IMF brainwashed leaders since IBB had romanced and ruminated without actually succeeding in extracting such heinous outcomes. 

Tinubu out of the desperation to keep his stolen mandate is helping the Bretton Woods killer punch that has laid in wait all these years long. It takes a desperate leader like him to agree to crash the economy of his own country to please the puppet masters. It is as shameful as that. 

These criminal exploitative mandates by our erstwhile colonialists are no longer hidden even as I watched OUK, the Chief of the devil’s advocates begging Nigerians on behalf of Tinubu to try and accept the World Bank poison pills to enable us change our prolonged death struggle to a sudden death. OUK’s notice me submission didn’t pretend at all in telling us that IMF/World Bank are the ones dictating our economic policies and that they are holding us to the jugular to abide by their economic rules and recommendations. You see, these guys are all working for the IMF and World Bank owned by the United States and the West. 

So how can you trust Tinubu, Orji Uzo Kalu and the rest of them being surreptitiously perpetuated in our governments to only serve the colonial masters and their insatiable greed to keep the economy of Africa under their lapels?. So you see why the US and the UK are playing hide and seek over the Tinubu electoral robbery and saying one thing and doing another. You are also seeing why the Economist of London are promoting new shenanigans on why the judiciary in Nigeria may refuse to annul Professor Mahmoud Yakubu’s broad daylight criminality of giving Peter’s results to Paul. 

You can see the real meaning of American imported democracy as the rule of economic deprivation and exploitation of weaker nation’s economies by greedy nations. You can also see that American brand of democracy is a subterfuge to keep the developing countries or economies to remain developing or at best underdeveloped and undeveloped. So to hell with American democracy. 

Now where are the patriots of this nation?. Many African nations are starting to see the lies of America and Great Britain and are allowing the lies to light up new national awakening to new normals in their international relations. 

South Africa has broken loose from these lies by embracing Russia and the BRICS economic block for crucial National survival, many West African nations have embraced coup detats to escape the death traps of American democracy; Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea and now Niger Republic. All these nations are running away from American lies and pretences of Democratic ethos only used as public relation coupons while they are busy weaponizing poverty in Africa to callous their neo colonialists insatiability and greed. 

Our struggle for liberation must be total and devoid of ethnic or religious sentiments. It must start with rejection of Tinubu and his unpatriotic ploys to use international petroleum price regime to push fellow Nigerians into crushing poverty and bankruptcy. Sitting on the fence is dangerous now. It’s time to reclaim this country. 

Original Article headline: ADDRESSING TINUBU’S ECONOMIC CRUSH by Dr. Engr. Odo Ijere

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