LP State Publicity Secretary talks tough; faults critics of Otti’s government

“What Alex Otti and LP has come to do is massive overhaul of an entire enterprise of corruption, greed and irresponsibility that was established in the governance of a state once famed as the industrial capital of Nigeria therefore No amount of trash talking or grandstanding will ever, ever compel any arm of Labour party to admit irresponsible characters into the new government of God’s people” – Njoku Jerry A

By Josh Kalu, Eric Mba & Chinwe Nwankwo

During a media briefing by the State Publicity Secretary and Spokesperson of Labour Party, Abia, Comrade Njoku Jerry Ajike at the party headquarters in Umuahia, he spoke extensively to journalists in attendance on the activities of individuals he would refer to as ‘hired detractors’ paid to do hatchet jobs against the leadership of the party and against the progress of the state.

According to statement delivered by Mr. Njoku Jerry Ajike, He said;  

“First of all, I want to sympathize with the families of the 2 Policemen that lost their lives in Aba in the course of duty in company of the Honorable Commissioner for Trade and Commerce, We vehemently condemn such actions and I am very confident that our security operatives are on top of the matter as people have returned to their businesses and the Honorable Commissioner Dr. Chimezie Ukaegbu is in stable condition.

“Also, I am aware of the shameful diatribe written by one fellow named Eze Chikamnayo against the leadership of our party and the Office of the Executive Governor of Abia State, H.E. Dr. Alex Otti.

One thing that has remained fascinating about the likes of early critics of this government is their deep rooted Ignorance and greed otherwise one would wonder what moral stance do such characters that were kicked out and rejected by both the living and dead people of Abia State, to interfere in a government that has come to rebuild the ruins they have wrecked of the state.

However, let me make this clear, the party may not have all the leniency to continue to tolerate individuals throwing insults to the leadership of the party and most importantly, the office of the Executive Governor of our state.

Such rascality may not be tolerated further so that it does not give the citizens the impetus to talk down on the office of the Executive governor at will, for whatsoever reasons.
The Labour Party government is open to criticism because this is the first genuine government of the people by the people, that the people of Abia State will ever enjoy but wisdom demand that you employ caution in your use of rights and privileges.

Naturally, we would have ignored these unnecessary distractions and rants by individuals I considered as e-cockroaches but for someone like Eze Chikamnayo, who has once been a member of a cabinet of a government that contributed in the rot and disgrace the people of Abia is suffering today to go the extra mile of spewing garbage in the public forum, I found it absurd that such a fellow, whom I believe should know better not to engage the ruling government and a personality like the Executive Governor of Abia State, the holder of the People’s mandate and leader of Labour Party, because he does not in any way measure up nor could he stand up to the People’s choice Dr. Alex Otti whom he has gone to the media to impugned and slander.

In his published diatribe, the old fellow has started like a normal citizen showing genuine concern to the plight of his homeland which I admit he has a right until his deception began to reveal itself too quickly, he began throwing sands and stones in the air and splatter shit at all corners all in a bid to whip up sentiments veiled under a pseudo patriotism that he and his cohorts lacks in every ramification.
This was how he bamboozled his way into previous failed PDP administration by trash talking the Okezie Victor Ikpeazu led PDP administration after the OVI administration rejected him in 2015 for his erratic behaviours and an embarrassment to any civilised group, he ran to APGA and was kicked out by APGA then he ran to SDP in 2019 to contest for the State House of Assembly and was equally rejected at the Primaries. SDP roundly rejected such character to save the party from unanticipated shameful outcomes until, out of confusion of the failed PDP administration he was later returned to PDP to finish up the job of guerrilla journalism in governance that was initiated by him.

Perhaps Eze Chikamnayo and his cohorts are yet to understand the reality of the drastic change that Labour Party and its leadership has brought into the rebuilding of the state his gangs has dragged in the mud of filth and irresponsibility for over two decades. No amount of trash talking or grandstanding will ever, ever compel any arm of Labour party to admit irresponsible characters into the new government of God’s people

As much as I do not want to delve into his false and pathetic rhetoric on governance and financial analysis of falsehood that neither he nor his slave masters can defend at any court of probity, We may not continue to give soft landing to cockroaches whom has found pastime to crawl into every fora to create confusions, misinform and influence the public to unruly behaviors that are laced with criminal tendency to disrupt the activities of ruling party in government.

Another thing the likes of these unfortunate critics of Governor Otti’s Labour Party led administration fails to understand is that Alex Otti is neither an experimental administrator like many of them nor your average political corrupt rogue element that has no business address but sees the public purse as his personal oil well to fuel their greed and amoral behaviors

What Alex Otti and LP has come to do is massive overhaul of an entire enterprise of corruption, greed and irresponsibility that was established in the governance of a state once famed as the industrial capital of Nigeria in the South East region but was deliberately destroyed and virtually grounded by the likes of Eze Chikamnayo, therefore we do not expect anyone or shameless characters of the previous PDP administration to be comfortable with the new Sherriff in town. 

We are a disciplined people; Labour Party is a party of the hard working people of Abia State that is focused on the welfare of the people and overall development of the state and not some privileged fraudulent characters parading as political elements.

We are everywhere, there’s a staunch member of Labour party and a defender of the good policies of our leader, the peoples governor and God’s messenger to Abia State H.E. Dr. Alex Otti in every group of 3 individuals, whether it’s in the beer joints, at the Motor parks, at the market even at your covens where you go for secret meetings to plan how to destabilize the good efforts of this government, we are there and very much aware of all your activities and secret plots to distract this government, therefore let no one think he or she can take the LP government unawares with unguarded shameless diatribes and security disruptions because we will get you and for those thinking by writing jargons and twisting information upside down to gain traffic to their website for pennies from those who have chosen to make themselves enemies of the Labour Party led government of Alex Otti, Abia people will come for you at the appropriate time because you do not mean well and we cannot be deceived by the sentiments of any, not even former cabinet members of the ousted failed PDP administration talking down on the hard work we have embarked upon to sanitize the mess they have made of this State and her people.

Thank you.

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