The fall of OUK; a sublime dessert for all saboteurs

 By Chief Odo Ijere

“It is only honorary to note that those who are in cahoots with OUK in dealing with his kinsmen are also not ready to trust him either to take such sensitive position as the Senate Presidency” – Odo Ijere

Asari Dokubo Ediabali ,whose ancestors were from Abam Onyerubi of Ohafia progeny is again missing the point by assuming Orji Uzo Kalu’s cries represents the feelings of Igbos. Real Igbos do not cry in public as OUK just did. OUK is just mimicking a script as has been written for him in this infamous class act of causing aggravated injury against his Igbo race. 

Contrary to Dokubo’s beliefs, OUK know who he’s crying for and what will be achieved by such cries. Eventually, the cabal he’s playing the script for will sit together and compensate him with one principal position in the Senate to enable him continue his job of serfdom and slavery until death do us part. 

I had written before concerning the activities of State actors like OUK, Dokubo etal, who were recruited by the powers that be to cause eternal disruption of political and economic activities in Alaigbo. 

Asari Dokubo’s thralls against Peter Obi and the Obidients to supervene the nationwide upsurge by Obidients movement and now the mockery by OUK pretending to be crying for the humiliation of the Igbos are class acts of the unending wars against the Igbo civilisation in especially Nigeria. Asari Dokubo and OUK carry the same badge of dishonour and disclaimer before every Igbo man or woman because of what they represent. 

The truth is that the Senate presidency bid by OUK was seen by most Igbos as a joke taken too far which aspiration was not supported by pedigree and antecedents of the man Orji Uzo Kalu. On a head to head count, Igbos will not support OUK against Akpabio for the seat of the President of the Senate. 

Akpabio, a lawyer and former governor of one of the most progressive South South states and married to an Igbo woman will be more useful to the Igbo race than the one that employs pull-down-Igbo as political theology to rise to stardom. 

Interestingly, those who are in cahoots with OUK in dealing with his kinsmen are also not ready to trust him either to take such sensitive position as the Senate Presidency. Those cabals also always pay cash to sustain the illicit relationship while it lasts so no one should cry. 

Since OUK by his own admission posited that Igbos should not be trusted with the Executive Presidency of the Nigeria nation state, and that it is fair to have a Muslim President and Vice President in a secular nation where the Christians have a population edge over their Muslim counterpart, it is laughable for him to claim unfairness when served with the same coffee. 

The celebration across Igboland at the outcome of the Senate’s leadership election will not be more emphasised by the latest release of the Abigolo Mbaise sociocultural dance troupe folklore music surrepticiously dramatising the fall of OUK. It is a spellbinder and superlative. It is a sublime dessert for all saboteurs including the one you know. 

Odo Ijere, Okpotemba

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