Abia 2023: Youth Group and others added boost to LP Alex Otti’ victory at the polls

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

“Alex Otti has a high scale political will to govern and withstand undue interference in the administration of the state which has been one of the greatest disadvantages of the ruling PDP and its appointed leaders”

A Youth group named ‘Better Abia 2023’ whose membership cut across the 17 LGA’s of Abia state has added boost to the anticipated victory of Labour Party guber candidate, Dr. Alex Otti.
In a statement delivered to LP, Abia by its Coordinator Mr. Ifeanyi Ihunweze and made public on their social media handle, the group after an intense research process among all the frontline candidates vying for the Abia State number 1 position had assessed all candidates based on 12 key principles namely, the Political will of the candidate, Financial capacity, Competence, Human capital achievements, capability for Wealth creation, determination for effective leadership, confidence and antecedents of the candidate, the realities of the manifesto etc

The group leader clarified that, their choice was strictly based on over all character rating, capacity to deliver campaign promises, competence and integrity which LP guber candidate, Dr. Alex Otti in their research conclusion scored a high 10/12 in their 12 point factor rating.

Alex Otti has a high scale political will to govern and withstand undue interference in the administration of the state which has been one of the greatest disadvantages of the ruling PDP and its appointed leaders

The candidate has not in any way resorted to desperation or panic vote buying by engaging in undue emergency charities which other candidates have embarked upon to woo the electorates into accepting them willy-nilly. 

For over a decade the Alex Otti Foundation has been very active in the human capital development of the average Abians irrespective of their clans and political leanings, his candidacy is not as a result of emergency philanthropy which has become a common feature among political office seekers

Besides that, his ability to create wealth and initiate industry which is among his focus in his published manifesto is a great score point based on his experience and antecedents during his days in the private sector as an investment banker in the energy, oil and gas sector and general financing.

Alex Otti has been consistent in his determination to change the sordid situation of Abia state which the ruling PDP government has not seen any urgency to tackle, his emergence in the 2023 gubernatorial campaign since 2015 he was defrauded of the mandate the Abia people willing gave attest to the fact that he meant business therefore our group is well convinced that this is the man for the job of a renewed leadership that Abia state has been lacking for over 2 decades of the PDP administration.

More so, many business owners in Abia state, traders, civil servants and pensioners have embraced Alex Otti candidature as an experienced and disciplined administrator from corporate organization where trust and capacity is the key factor and not through political affiliations, influence or undue physical affluence that do not bring any meaningful development to the citizens and their state.

As we warm up to the Saturday 18th Gubernatorial and state assembly elections, More groups and Political parties based in Abia state continue to fold up their structure and align with the man tipped to win the 2023 Abia state guber elections, added to support group is CEOIAM, an organization of women with a national spread across the 36 states of the federation. The group recently withdrew every known or indirect support of any other candidate to adopt and support the candidacy of LP guber candidate, Dr. Alex Otti as the most credible and capable contestant with the pedigree and competence to lead Abia state out of the quagmire it has found itself over the years. “We in Abia state has endorsed and declared support for the LP guber candidate, Dr. Alex Otti and are willing to take our support to every polling units in Abia State to make sure our victory on the Saturday 18th elections is concrete” said Mrs. Nnena Alaukwu from Bende LGA and the Abia State Coordinator of the Group

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