PRESS RELEASE: A Victory song for Abia State Obedients

everything points to a Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti Ahmed victory at the Presidential polls by the time the election is concluded. 

“Peter Obi’s victory will restart and reset the country and give us a new beginning, take back people from IDPs camps to their homes and restore normalcy to our vast farmlands in the North.’

Penultimate to the great day of one of the greatest election in history, Nigeria will ever had, the 2023 Presidential election coming up on the 25th of February, a group known as The National Coalition Of Obi-Datti Supporters, Abia State Chapter has issued a Press Statement in support of the election of Labour Party (LP) Presidential Candidate, Mr. Peter Obi.

Arising from its meeting held in Akanu Ohafia, Abia state on the 23rd February 2023 with the blessings of the Paramount ruler of Akanu Ohafia and secretary to Ohafia Council of Monarchs, Eze Ogo Mba Odo, the group which doubles as the Umbrella Association Of Various Obidatti Groups and Platforms and the Organizers of The National Endorsement Prayer Event for the Victory Of Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti Ahmed, presented what it describes as ‘A victory song for the Abia Obidiebnts’ 

Presenting a speech at the meeting, which he titled ‘A Victory song for Abia State Obedients, the convener and Chairman, Abia State Coalition for Obidatti Supporters Nationwide, Engr Odo Ijere, reeled out action plans of what the association plans to do to pursue ultimate victory for Mr. Peter Obi at the polls.

“We shall all file out in our various polling units to cast our votes in the Presidential election and National Assembly elections.” Mr. Odo Ijere made clear in his statement that, everything points to a Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti Ahmed victory at the Presidential polls by the time the election is concluded. 

In line with his speech, He stated that all empirical evidence by various local and international polls surveys and approval ratings are indicative of a massive victory for Peter Obi of the Labour Party at the Presidential election. 
This result will be made possible by overwhelming votes and support from the Southeast, South-south, part of Southwest, North Central and a significant part of North East and with the North West recording a not too significant number for the ticket.

This victory will further be made possible by the decision of the huge Christian block of this great nation to step into the arena of politics to halt the steady drift of the nation towards religious intolerance and drift to anarchy. 

The zeal of the huge Christian Middle Belt to distemper their hitherto One North political paternity with the Arewa Muslim North to what is today seen as  a new political affiliation that guarantees religious freedom and restore our constitutional rights. 

This victory will be made possible by the desirability of the majority of Nigerians to end the futile drift towards a religious state that ceaselessly tend to contradict the provisions of the secular state of our constitution. 

Peter Obi’s victory on Saturday will result from the patriotic zeal of the Nigerian youths across the multi ethnic divides to take back their country from today’s lazy ruling class that regale in usury, waste, debauchery, systemic parasitism, nepotism, tribalism, ethnicism, parochialism, myopia, pedestrianism, tribalism, and all manner of corrupt vices.
Peter Obi’s victory will be made possible by the inability or refusal of the ruling class to end banditry, kidnapping, insurgency, fulani herdsmen menace, militancy, separatist agitations, Boko Haram terrorism, and gradual loss of sovereignty. 

The march to victory by Peter Obi on Saturday will end the conspiracy of the ruling class to breach the equity, rotation and federal character principles enshrined in our constitution by subterranean moves to bring another fulani tribe, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar from the back door to rule this nation after President Muhammadu Buhari or to foist a Muslim Muslim ticket that offends our secular Constitution. 

Peter Obi Presidential victory will herald a new era of moving the nation from consumption economic model to production economy with the opening of the floodgates of digitecs, techpreneurs, digital economy, innovation and technology for the overall progress of the nation. Peter Obi will run a knowledge driven economy that will invest heavily in education across the country. 

Peter Obi’s victory will restart and reset the country and give us a new beginning, take back people from IDPs camps to their homes and restore normalcy to our vast farmlands in the North. 

Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti Ahmed are a new normal for the nation and represent an idea whose time has come to stop the pains and sufferings of the masses of this great nation. 

Abia people and indeed the Igbo people of Southeast will be out on Saturday to deliver 100% of our votes across Party lines to the only candidate of sterling antecedent and proven pedigree in the person of Peter Obi with the mindset that any 25% given to any other candidate from any of the Southeast States will be counted as a loss of that State.

Abians should ignore our few selfish leaders who are demarketing Peter Obi only because of their selfish political transactions which is not in any way connected to the public interest. These are the people Governor Samuel Ortom from Benue State have aptly captured as outcasts. 

Engr Odo Ijere, Okpotemba Ohafia 

Chairman, Abia State Coalition for 

Obidatti Supporters  Nationwide. 

In collaboration with:

Labour Party 

Young People’s Party

African Democratic Congress 

Accord Party

Boot Party

People’s Redemption Party

Social Democratic Party 

Abia Infrastructure Mandate 

The Big Tent

Like Minds for Peter Obi

Peter Obi Special Squad

Arohafia Roundtable 

Mben Political Assembly 

Ohafia Summit 

Abia People’s Forum

Abia North Consensus Project 

Abia Technocrats

Abia Widows Association 

Abia Women for Peter Obi 

Abia Youths for Obidatti 

Obidient Youths Mobilisation Forum


Nke Izizi Political Forum 

Unique Ladies of Ohafia

The Mercy Okala Group

Ada Okwara Uma persons With Disabilities 

The Mma Miracle Group

Ohafia Concerned Citizens 

The New Allied Front.

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