How to remove spiritual blockage and give you financial breakthrough in 2023

By the Power of Nature

“If your life is experiencing a lot of bitterness, despite all genuine attempts to make life better yet things still turning out bad and unsuccessful – this is what to do”

Salt Bath will deal with anything that is tying you down and not working for you – always in debt and don’t know what next to do, children school fees, debts, everything you do not work, prayer at all times yet no solution

Salt bath is a spiritual cleansing to wash away all that negative energy that dispels good things from you and help you to break forth effectively

Where does this idea of salt bath came from 2 King Chapter 2 Verse 9-22
The situation of the city as narrated in the bible was good but the water is bad, then Elisha the Prophet requested for salt and added it in a bowl and speak into the salted water in the bowl and that bad water of bitterness turned to a purified water of cleanliness. Then a miracle happened.

This is what you are going to do and be restored to your destiny

How to do a salt bath
There are so many ways; it could be in your house, office, today we concentrate on you – how to cleanse yourself to concentrate on the blessings of God upon you for 7 days

Get a salt. A bucket of water, you may do this consecutively for 7 days, 3 days or once a week for 1 month or as you so desire.
Buy a brand new salt for this ritual, get a bucket preferably white and fill it up with water, take a handful of salt and put into the bathing water, Pray, asking for forgiveness first with Psalm 59, then pray Psalm 35 with your middle finger into the water. – fight principalities and powers using this method also and let the creator of the universe contend with whoever is fighting against you.

As you pray psalm 35 into the water – call your name and families as you pray, take out negative energies that dispels good things from you.

Then bathe with the water as natural and naked as God made you, there should be no ornaments like earrings, neck chain or any accessories on your body, separate your legs standing astride while you take the bath.

If you lacking money or experiencing lack always in debts and never able to account for money that comes into your hands, use the water to wash your hands to remove every negative energy,

If you have been going for a lot of interviews and facing rejections, use this water to wash your face to take every spiritual coverage cobwebs away from your life – this salt water is to take away every negative energy and bitterness.

After the salt bath, do not towel to clean up and do not use soap and sponge, you can take normal bath first then take the bath later, most suitable at night, let the water dry upon you then you go to sleep for 7 days  – you may close the prayer with psalm 23

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