How to attract natural favours from people using ordinary water

Spiritual tips to success

Here is Spiritual and Natural tips to make your life attract natural favours from people anywhere in the world, make your life more meaningful and financially rewarding.

This is the Faith that works magic
Let me show you how to use natural ingredients around your environment to make miracles happen,
All you will need is Ground Cinnamon and Sugar. Before you proceed, make sure you have something doing that attract money, anything at all, from petty trading, professional service, okada rider, POS operator, recharge card seller, anything at all that you consider a business.
You certainly must have something to offer for money and that is all that is required for the miracle to happen.

Here is the natural ingredients required
Get your Cinnamon (Ground cinnamon) ready, Remember what I said; you must have a job ongoing for you, no matter what kind of job and not merely day dreaming to reap from where you did not sow, Of course you surely can attract favour but most significantly is when you are working, trading or offering any kind of service at that.

Second item is Sugar – You know sugar is sweet, it bring sweetness, it bring positive energy, anything that is sweet attracts favours naturally, drawing wealth, success or open doors.
As sugar have divers usefulness,  It will make people attracted to you, the way sugar is attractive to insects and if this spiritual makes people to stay away from you after observing it, then that is the way it is destined to be, such people or whatever it is, is not suitable for you and must be driven away by the positive energy sugar posses.

Here is what to do
Heat at least 1 cup of water in the kettle, while the water is hot fit for tea making, bring it down and pour entire hot water into a pan or bowl,  Do not allow the water to get cold or lukewarm.

Take 1 table spoon of the cinnamon powder and add into the hot water.
Then 1 table spoon of the sugar and add into the hot water. Please do this while the water is still hot, do not allow the water to get cold. Now, stir and make sure both dissolve in the hot water.

Now say a short prayer to the creator of the universe into the bowl of water concerning the natural ingredients created by God for the blessings and sweetness of humanity created by God and bless the mix in the bowl.

After this short prayer, stir the mix, then use it while it is still hot and sprinkle around your house – do not sprinkle on the wall to avoid stains.
While you walk around your house or rooms sprinkling the mix, you say this prayer;

That God should draw success to your house, your business should move forward, whatever you want say it as you sprinkle toe water, you can also use the water to wash your face to attract love and favour from humans, you say this prayer as you do that;  “Anywhere you go, anyone that see you should favour you, pray as you many requests you are able to remember that your life from today should begin to attract positive energy as humans and animals are attracted to sugar and as people and animal do not reject sweetness of sugar, there shall be no more rejection in your life

There is only two strong natural laws guarding this practice;
1. Do not do this while you are on your menstrual period
2. Do not do this after having

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