The phenomenal Birthday Anniversary by Nigerians for the coming new leader

By Ken Agala (ED)

“The Peter Obi movement has become a symbol of national unity, religious harmony, love and making personal sacrifices for a better Nigeria.”

If Mr. Peter Obi goes on social media, especially twitter and follow the hashtag #PeterObiAt61, I’m very sure he will shed tears of joy and also be shocked at how much and how far his message has penetrated the people of this country.

Currently the top trend on twitter, #PeterObiAt61 takes you across Nigeria, from the Northwest state of Sokoto where a street carnival is held in his birthday all the way to Bayelsa where the obefinets rolled out huge public outdoor systems with canopies and chairs.

It takes you to Gombe, where a ex soldier who resigned from the military because he wanted to work for peter Obi, gathered out of school kids to give them free hair cuts in honor of peter Obi’s birthday.

It takes you to plateau state where market women are sharing Peter Obi branded aprons to Taraba where they Obidients took over the streets, to Benue where they made a huge birthday cake and organized a carnival.

It brings you to Lagos state where destitute are being given free food , to the IDP camps in Borno , from Enugu where they held a road walk with Ogene, to Akwa Ibom where they had the highest festivals.

It takes you to the markets in Abuja where there is signing and drumming , brings you to Adamawa where they took over a highway, Portharcourt, Owerri, Kogi, Bauchi, Kano, all across nigeria, youths are trying to out fo each other in showing love , sharing food and drinks, embracing each other, forgetting religion and ethnicity all to celebrate one man.

Then it shows you the individual efforts, from the heart warming message by our veteran Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, to young artists who are painting pictures, using broken bottles, sculptors who are mounding  his face, the young baker who made an attempt to use his face to bake a cake, the students from Kwara Polytechnic who held his exhibitions, to the Kannywood( Northern actors and actresses ) who joined the birthday summit in Kaduna.

From the young women sharing free Okpa in Ogbete market in Enugu to the Motherless Babies home visitation in Anambra to the Muslim and Christina orphanage in Jalingo.

Young men and women, using their resources, not asking politicians to give them money. Not demanding shishi.

Christian’s and Muslims, bonded by youth, nationality and humanity.

Then the congratulatory messages from political opponents like Atiku Abubakar and his running mate, all extolling the virtues of the man who is their opponent. To his state governor, an opposition from a different party who described Peter as wonderful manager of men and resources. Then birthday wishes from artists like Peter Okoye, Pastors like Apostle Suleiman. Everyone wants to celebrate the man.

I had mixed feelings when Obidients as his followers are called, gave Atiku what I call a soft wotowoto on his comments section as they thanked him for celebrating with their incoming President, with some begging him to step down as an elder statesman man and support Obi to rescue Nigeria.

The Peter Obi movement has become a symbol of national unity, religious harmony, love and making personal sacrifices for a better Nigeria.

What a time to be alive. Supporting Peter Obi is so refreshing, irrespective of whether he wins or not. It’s almost as fulfilling as knowing that you didn’t vote Buhari.

Irrespective of the outcome of the 2023 elections, Peter Obi who just became a Presidential candidate in a relatively unknown party, is already a winner.

Congratulations once again to the Okwute of Nigeria

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