Labour Party vows to unseat political strongholds in Abia State

By Uma Njoku Uma

As a center of industry and headquarters of all the SME operations in Nigeria, Abia state deserves better and that is what Labour Party is going to provide for the people.

With the ongoing massive voter’s sensitization programme across the 17 LG Wards of Abia State, Interim Party Chairman, Ceekay Igara in company of newly appointed State Publicity Secretary Njoku SaintJerry Ajike during a recent visit to IPAC headquarters in Abuja promises to lead Labour Party Abia State Chapter to formidable victory in the coming 2023 elections.
Abia state as a region in the South East is designed for industry and productivity, the hall marks of labour. However, for the past 2 decades of Abia state since the emergence of Nigeria democratic dispensation, the region has not experienced competent leadership that should make it enjoy its traditional bearing as a state created for industry.
Its no gainsaying that Abia state is the heartbeat of Industry and SME operations in the South East region, from small scale manufacturing of virtually every utility good, textiles and ancillary products to entertainment, Abia state stands out as a region with the capacity to sustain the economy of the South East region, unfortunately this has not been the case because for a long time the state was left in the hands of experimental leaders whom has taken advantage of loopholes in the political structures that has hold the state hostage for the past 24 years.

Labour Party unlike other political parties fielding candidates for the Number 1 position and all other key positions in the state in the coming 2023 general elections, is well placed to enjoy the support of ordinary citizens of Abia State because this is the only party that has expressed genuine concern of the plight of the artisans and business owners that makes the city of Aba and the business of agriculture in the state to thrive and we want to address that existing loophole of long term neglect.
Responding to questions posed by a member of the Abia State Equity Group regarding position of Abia North Central producing the next governor of the State. Mr. Njoku explained; This is an open matter to all political parties to deal with and Labour Party is not an exception, every one of us indigen of Abia state shares in the burden and shame this God’s own state has suffered in the hands of few privileged elites. We want to bring that to an end to make sure this state enjoys the dividends of democracy and development that has eluded it over the years.” At the moment, we are all focused on the ongoing voter’s sensitization and registration of party members that will give us the ample opportunity to carry many ordinary people of Abia state along.

I would want to commend the efforts of the IPAC state Chairman, Hon. Ceekay Igara who, equally is sitting as the interim State Chairman of Labour Party, for his commitment in knocking on many doors across the 17 LG wards traversing all the nook and crannies of the state to make sure people know their right and left in this political dispensation.
Abia state has the capacity to match with Lagos in the area of Internal Revenue Generation (IGR) and creation of wealth, Abia state do not deserve the kind of leadership that has continued to hold the region hostage rendering it a mere beggar state that is always running to Abuja to beg for Federal Allocation before it can pay salaries and execute internal projects, that is not acceptable! As a center of industry and headquarters of all the SME operations in Nigeria, Abia state deserves better and that is what Labour Party is going to provide for the people.

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