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By Iriobe Ofunre

“The jobs of today are not taught in schools – Chris Ani
“find a blockchain project you can volunteer for and contribute to its development”

Every generation has a technology that helps it create wealth. For this generation, Blockchain is the technology. Since 2009, blockchain technology has created new jobs that require new skills. Its vast applications in various fields of endeavour opened up more opportunities to develop and build a new career. With one of the highest paying jobs, many are building their real estate through blockchain technology – you can call them the new millionaires.

On Saturday 9th, October 2021, Blockchain Nigerian User Group (BNUG), in partnership with the International Council of Registered Blockchain Professionals, organised a forum to discuss career opportunities in Blockchain Technology. The event discussed how far we have come with blockchain technology and highlighted the career opportunities newcomers can explore. The forum concluded that there is an opportunity for everyone.

Blockchain Technology does not discriminate
Over the years, blockchain technology has evolved, creating opportunities for new skills currently in high demand.  Irrespective of your background or previous skill, the industry has something for you if you could use a computer or a smartphone. Initially, mainly developers played in the industry, but recently, more opportunities have opened up as the technology evolves. Blockchain technology embraces all.

Today, we have traders, community leaders, Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAO) ambassadors, Onchain analysts, content writers, graphics artists etc. No discipline, no field of human endeavour is left out. If the computer does not discriminate against you, then the blockchain industry won’t.

How can you get into Blockchain and Crypto industry?
Knowledge opens the door to a fresh start. Start by learning the fundamentals of blockchain technology. Understand how it works and why users trust it. To start your journey in any industry, knowledge of its operations is vital. The blockchain industry is no exception. Join blockchain and cryptocurrency groups like the BNUG, observe, ask questions and learn. Discord and Telegram platforms host some of the most vibrant groups of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts. You can also follow conversations on Twitter and Facebook for free information on current news and happenings in the blockchain space. You don’t need expert knowledge to begin. You can take many routes if you want to build a career in the blockchain and crypto industry. Here are a few career opportunities to explore.

For the Non-Techies
If you have no programming skills and cannot trade but are interested in playing in the industry, here are some options to consider.

Everyone has a skill that will benefit humanity. Whatever your skill may be, you can provide services for a blockchain company in exchange for knowledge. Search for start-ups and volunteer to work with them. Volunteering will give you the needed experience. When you volunteer for a DAO early, you receive tokens as a reward, and even if you don’t receive any reward, the experience opens you up to many possibilities.

Account Executive
Blockchain is growing exponentially, and there is a need for business to business sales executives and business development executives who can develop partnerships and manage the market for new blockchain organisations.

Accountants and Financial Advisors
Many of the cryptocurrency businesses will need the services of accountants and financial advisers in preparing their books. This position requires developing accounting policies and making financial decisions for the organisations.

Marketing Jobs
There are many career opportunities in marketing. Many of the new companies want to reach out to their potential clients and customers, and they need the services of marketing executives who will help grow their clients or customer base.

Sales Representative
Beyond developing good products/services, Blockchain-based firms want to see increased usage of these products and services. They will need a sales rep who can get customers to pay for these services.

Content Creator
Can you write, create videos, play around social media materials, or create anything that can capture people’s interest? Then there is a place in the crypto world where you can channel your creative abilities. Crypto firms constantly need content creators, especially for content that can engage customers and potential customers. Their websites need engaging contents that can keep visitors coming back.

Copywriting Jobs
Companies that create Tokens or Coins have documents such as Whitepaper, how-to-guide and technical manuals etc, aimed at persuading people to take action. These documents detail the companies’ operations, and creative writers are needed to put the right words together.

Community Managers
Working for Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAO) is another way to build a career. Find blockchain projects that are in their infancy and hope to build their community. You can assist them in creating these communities as a manager. Your job entails monitoring their social media platforms, building the platforms followership, engaging with followers and responding to questions when necessary.

Ambassador programs
These are representatives of crypto firms within their locality. You complete specific tasks such as creating awareness and promoting the image of the organisation or their products.

Blockchain Legal Consultant
There are legal issues that may arise as organisations launch their coin or token. These issues will require the services of a legal officer to handle. As a legal professional, getting acquainted with international laws, investments, and financial services will give you an edge in securing a career.

Blockchain Project Manager
The blockchain project manager performs a similar task as the traditional project manager. This individual oversees the resources for the successful completion of blockchain projects.

For the Techies
You are covered if, perhaps, you are a tech person and you want to step in as a developer. It may not be easy, but it is worth the learning curve if you have three months to learn programming languages such as C++, HTML, and Javascript, which can be a good starting point. There are free courses online, especially on youtube, where you can learn these languages. As you practice, you can transition to more advanced languages like Solidity, Rust, Python, Go etc. You can start as a programmer and then transition into a blockchain developer within one year.

As an experienced developer, it is easier for you to make the switch. Although the fear of transitioning into new space may hold you back a bit, you can transition fully to blockchain development and start earning with determination. Here are some career opportunities for those who are tech-savvy.

Blockchain Developer
Developers are in high demand, and this career path favours those with a programming background. Suppose you know C++, HTML. Python, Javascript, and other programming languages, you have the skills to create applications for Blockchain organisations.

Blockchain Solution Architect
The Blockchain Solution Architect plans, designs, and brings together a team of developers, network administrators, UX designers, and IT Operations to develop the Blockchain solutions.

Blockchain UX Designer
They are responsible for designing user interfaces that are appealing to the users. It is their job to give users the best of experience when interacting with the systems.

Blockchain Quality Engineer
Quality engineers serve as quality control managers in the blockchain space. They are to ensure that the operations of the Blockchain are performed without hinges.

Other jobs include:

Business development representative
Data scientist
Financial analyst
Technical writer
Volunteer services
Community educator

The jobs in the blockchain industry are inexhaustible. Whether you are into DAOs, NFTs. Defi, Bitcoin/Lightning, Scaling or Gaming, you can combine it with any of these skills; Engineering, Product management, Sales management, Marketing, Community management, Design and content creation to establish yourself in a career. There are websites and communities with current job listings in the blockchain space.

Where to search for Blockchain Jobs
There are few websites with blockchain job listings. These sites curate recent job openings within the blockchain industry. Most of these jobs are remote. You can work from your current location. Some of the websites you need to be familiar with include:


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