Sights and Sounds of Business at the Dubai 2021 Womanity Conference


DUBAI will be hosting business people from all over the world especially entrepreneurs from Africa, China and the Middle East in all exclusive Exhibition of Trade & Commerce, Arts and Entertainment

DUBAI will be hosting business people from all over the world especially entrepreneurs from Africa, China and the Middle East in all exclusive Exhibition of Trade & Commerce, Arts and Entertainment and business networking spanning from household goods, digital products, electronics, arts & crafts, agricultural products and commodities from Africa to China and the Middle East.

The event scheduled to take place between 22nd – 27th November 2021, has been designed to connect manufacturers and buyers, business developers and distributors, artists and digital entrepreneurs to a ready-made market ripe for exchange of goods and services.

Speaking with the Organiser, Mrs Eunice Thomas; the pandemic left so many businesses and business owners badly disconnected from clients and the market, till date, many are yet to recover. This event has been packaged to help people bounce back after the pandemic, more so, we decided to use this medium to create opportunities by bringing the world together in one place and connecting people, businesses and visions for success and productivity.

This is the reason why we chose Dubai as a central place of convergence. it is open and one of the economic centers of the world, more so, the policies for international travel are quite friendly.
We, as the organizers are known as the Future Feet Leaders, and it is mandatory we extend our focus to all frontiers of business engagement and relationship

The Event has been organized by the Global Wo-Manity initiative and packaged by Travelfare Worldwide. It is simply an enhancement platform, for anyone willing to take a chance and take advantage of the network and the opportunities that the platform will be providing. It cut across genders and categories of businesses.

Global Womanity Conference is not a ‘Gender based’ event. Visitors should not be confused or misunderstand the use of the Conference theme – according to Mrs. Thomas, ‘Womanity’ all about complementary between the woman, the man and all of humanity in general, we need each other to survive. It is also about anti-fragility, recovering and thriving in the midst of chaos.
The pandemic situation created a lot of Chaos for both the women and men especially those in the business circle and this conference was dreamed and put together by the Global WoManity initiative to bring people back to business and put smiles on our faces.At the end of this conference, we hope to achieve a global business and economic interconnectivity for participants, initiate tangible business growth and sustainability for all participants. This is why it is very important that every entrepreneur looking for opportunities for a bounce back should get involved.

We have exhibitors and business owners from China, the Middle East and Africa that will be exhibiting their products and speaking at the event and many Nigerian business people will be on ground looking out for opportunities for business and distributorship, as a matter of fact, Nigeria is providing a robust opportunity through this programme for business expansion and distribution of goods and services for intending manufacturers that would be present

More so, we will be using this medium to recognize Africans of great personality like the late Zambian sport icon Dennis Liwewe, who will be receiving a Post Humous Awards in sports at the event.

This is not a maiden event, the first global conference was virtual, but this is the second and the first physical conference. We have had our challenges, most especially convincing investors and partners to embrace the new ideas and concepts, global post pandemic recovery policies, travel regulations requirements and restrictions and also initiating an unusual culture of collaboration between the genders instead of the usual competition and patriarchal tendencies but in spite of all that, we are determined and capable of any challenge success may bring forth

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