Why would Africa need a dictator to succeed

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

Every African country needs a dictator, if that is what it takes to replicate the Rwanda of Kagame across every region in Africa

Flying from Beijing to Adis Ababa, I had a copy of LensAfrik Magazine, emblazoned on the cover is the President of Rwanda, Mr. Paul Kagame. I gave a copy to an African lady from one of the neigbouring countries to Rwanda and the response got me thinking till I disembark from the aircraft. She spoke something in French, almost tore the first page poking at Paul Kagame picture repeatedly, then hauled the magazine back at me. I asked her what’s the problem, she replied; “This man, very bad, this man, no good, very bad, killed many people.”

In that magazine, we had done a Cover story on the good work Kagame is doing in Rwanda, a living example of quality leadership Africa desired so much.
 We had done our own research both in the streets, from ordinary Rwandans, from the elites and corporate figures and were convinced that certainly Paul Kagame has not only united Rwandans but building a generation of people that will be proud to stand tall as Rwandans without fear, shame or denial, such as we witnessed in China, Malaysia and across other Asian cities where known Nigerians will look into your face and deny everything that is connected to Nigeria except the food.
Paul Kagame cannot be loved by all unless he is dead man, only dead people are loved by all, he certainly must have stepped on toes, Magufuli of Tanzania did that and was hacked down under spurious circumstances, but on whose toes, the French, America, EU, China or who. Without digressing, mischief makers cannot be happy to see Africa made such progress and be in the news for such progress as was reported of Tanzania and now Rwanda of recent, so they have to look for accomplice to upturn the table and bring the house down and send everyone back to the garbage dumps, scampering for life and safety, while the masses struggle to earn a life, they will host the President of that African nation on several overseas trips for medical check-up, borrow him money, a lot of money even if he only wish to waste the money on frivolities, he will be loved and condoned. But condoned by who?
America, China or the EU and talking about love, no African will love such a fellow or be proud of him unless he falls among the mischief makers, the house negros, the rats in the household.

Mischief makers – always foreign fake friends, in collaboration with household rats are trying to set up Paul Rusasebegina against Kagame perhaps such sentiments would evoke the hate of yesterday already buried in regrets.

Magafuli started a good job in Tanzania, everyone knows that even the Household rats that were used to hunt him down knows they haver murdered an innocent man who meant well for his people. Do not ask me who and how because so it was with Blaise Campaoure, nobody admitted any guilt or even dared  to think that deep that an inhouse enemy had worked tirelessly to make sure the emancipator of Burkina Faso people was eliminated and he was rewarded with the title of President and took the country in a 360 degree back down the poverty lane and infamy.

Mr. Rusesabagina is an ethnic Hutu, and he became well known after the 2004 film Hotel Rwanda depicted his efforts a decade earlier during the genocide to save hundreds of Tutsis at a hotel where he was a manager – this is the much a lot of us know and more so, Rwandans do not want to be reminded of the evils and wickedness of yesterday against fellow citizens. An evil everyone knows fully well the role played by the Mischief makers unless you chose to be foolish and refuse to learn nothing.
Paul Kagame is doing everything to unite the people and build a better Rwanda for Rwandans. Whether he has been dictatorial or compromising, Rwanda has not in any ramifications shown signs of oppression from their own but the young generations continue to see hope by the workings of Paul Kagame to put the country in the global map of highly developed countries. Africans know this unless they’re being overwhelmed by their own pretense of lack in order to continue to receive free moneys from mischief makers acting as lovers of Africa and its misery.

The Dictators Africa desired
Muammar Gaddafi transformed Libya from a poor desert country to a prosperous country. He provided Libya with free healthcare, education and free housing. The Country became prosperous and experienced economic boom under his regime, there was peace and Libyans knows virtually little or no poverty until some Mischief makers, swindlers under the guise of introducing democracy and fighting against dictatorship in Africa crawled in, in collaboration with bunch of household rats, they chose to upturn the table.

Since 2011 till date, Libya has not recovered from the constant destruction that has hit the peaceful nation, Gadhafi was overthrown in the same year and was killed by the household rats that brought in the swindlers. Till date, that great Libya, a shining example of Africa’s prosperity, wealth and brotherhood has been transformed into a war zone and back to a poor country, disorganized with checkered hope while the mischief makers have all packed and deserted the poor Libyans in misery and turmoil. Today I am of the opinion that the people of Libya will prefer a Dictator even tougher than Muammar Gaddafi to the mess and confusion they have found themselves in.

“Paul Kagame is an African hero that will continue to shame both mercenaries and their cohorts acting as Presidents and Head of States of African countries suffering in misery

Thomas Sankara,

I have watched several clips of the great late Thomas Sankara, giving a speech at the UN general assembly and another documentary of the man that led Burkina Faso to experience brotherhood, development and prosperity. Between1983 to 1987, Burkina Faso got new residential buildings, improved Education and Healthcare system, zero tolerance on Corruption and the commitment to build a truly independent and strong institution of government that recognizes the people and make them proud of nationality. Sankara made the Burkina Faso people eat and wear made in Burkina Faso clothes, shun vain pursuits of material gains at the expense of the ordinary people of Burkina Faso and shuts the door against mischief makers and swindlers under the guise of ‘Providing aids and introducing democracy.’

But why was the young Sankara taken out prematurely? He was the leader of a bold initiative to transform a country trapped in poverty and in a dependent relationship with the rest of the world, particularly France. Sankara, as Gadhafi and Magufuli believes in this continent Africa and the capacity inherent in this continent to stand on its toes and build prosperity, peace and development and a future for its teeming young people. The mischief makers do not like to hear this kind of good news about Africa, they have to crawl in, shouting in collaboration with household rats, some bunch of idiots descended from the household negroes shouting ‘Dictatorship and Democracy.” Chief of the household rats in Burkina Faso was a certain Blaise Campaore, I keep wondering why will evil always succeed in Africa.

At the Murder of the great Thomas Sankara at the young age of 37, Mr.Blaise Campaore took the fast-developing West African country at that time 360 degree down back into poverty and pain, establishing institutionalized corruption and reporting to the mischief makers of his success in having destabilized everything the acclaimed Dictator had worked for the good of their people, the class enemy of the people till date!
The late Maguguli of Tanzania was doing so much more, beyond the imagination of both household rats and the foreign collaborators and at the peak of transforming Tanzania, he was brought down under mysterious circumstances.

Paul Kagame has transformed Rwanda, eliminated those corrupt practices that has ruined and continue to ruin African countries, banned tribal politics and tribal parties and has improved the economy of the country. He is responsible for liberating the country from the grim future of the genocidal regime of which he is considered a hero today, however, some mischief makers are struggling very hard to upturn the tables at whatever good feat Rwanda has achieved under Paul Kagame by setting him up with Mr. Rusesabagina and other exiled dissidents who should have known better but chose to live in the misery of yesterday, perhaps they’re more comfortable with Africa’s poverty and leadership confusion.

The late Maguguli of Tanzania

The red flag of every Dictator
Africa do not desire the participation of every foreign element in the governance of its people, that was what the late Thomas Sankara stood tall against, Magufuli rejected every feeding bottle thrown at him by the mischief makers dressed as ‘aids givers and lovers of Africa”  Kagame is not your alleged Dictator, good enough, this African leader understands the mischief makers better than his predecessors, those who pretend to love the cow heads, the dummies and puppet of their imperialism will always find every label to discredit Africa’s shining heroes if only it will quicken the disintegration of the emerging economy and any little development such African countries had been able to achieve on their own. For the records, Africa has achieved more under every dictator and has fared very badly under every imposed democracy. Nigeria is a classic example since 1999 it claimed to have returned to a system of government, she continues to experiment with at every turn for over 20 years citing America’s 200 years of democracy as a yardstick of failures upon failures. Has the acclaimed dictatorial government in Africa promoted any blind dependency on strangers to build their homes build your toilets and treat your unending malaria diseases in their tiny polished hospitals in Luton, has it neglected the citizenry and society to such a tense situation of divide and rule under every African so-called democracy as envisaged in present Nigeria government, Sierra Leone, the DRC and others.
Mischief makers will always find a loophole among the cow heads, the dummies and puppets of their mischief, confused in leadership and economic managerial skills and leaving their country in a frustrating economic situation, as Nigeria, so is Sierra Leone, Congo DRC, Central African Republic, etc,
Every African owe their creator a duty; Join hands with those passionate about eliminating this continent from self-inflicted misery, Refuse to accept this foreign mercenaries acting as your saviors, because they’re not your savior. They are mischief makers.
The Only savior of the Africa people is himself, not those who run to London for medical check up and shuttle all over the world with a begging bowl without shame nor scruples. Every African country needs a dictator, if that is what it takes to replicate Rwanda across every region in Africa and for those doing the moonlighting in the UK, in the EU, the America and China speaking jargons in the name of interpretation of analysis upon analysis, dinning with mischief makers to poison and eliminate our Dictators, you will all soon die in misery, the land of Africa will swallow you all and your children will never do well in any endeavor.
Sankara, Gadhafi, Magufuli are all heroes of Africa, Paul Kagame is an African hero that will continue to shame both mercenaries and their cohorts acting as Presidents and Head of States of African countries suffering in misery in the midst of great wealth deposited by the Almighty God in Africa.

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