Abia State should reject imposition of political office holders!

By Iroh Williams

“Abia state do not deserve a repeat of the kind of men it continues to project as leaders in South East Nigeria and it behooves every resident and citizen of Abia state to stand his ground and join forces with many of the organization campaigning for good governance

Rumours of individuals clamoring for blessings of the governor of Abia state, Chief Okezie Ikpeazu has begun to filter into the public space. Talk about the governor handing over power to Mr. XYZ and Dr. ABC has begun to dominate political discourse so much that it has become expedient for concerned residents and people of Abia state to address this cancerous disease termed “Hand Over Power.”

Speaking to the State secretary of Labour Party, Abia State, comrade Njoku StJerry Ajike; he expressed disbelief that any person from Abia state should be discussing such an issue; “Hand over power to who?” he responded. “Since 1999 till date, Abia state has never tasted the gains of this so-called Nigeria brand of democracy, so I wonder why should anybody in his right mind ever imagine such a recycle of failure, besides that, there is nothing like a ‘doctrine of hand over of political office in any democratic setting, only in Nigeria do I hear people discuss such a topic with pride and the helmsman, a product of such vicious circle is proud to even assume himself to take such decision” “What happens to the electoral process of voting,?” “Political Office are contested for in every democratic setting and the people’s choice emerges the winner, not those appointed or selected by certain individuals to represent their greedy interest.” Said Comrade Njoku.

Abia state has remained in the sordid situation they found themselves today because somebody ‘Handed over Power’ to another person and another ‘Handed over” to the other disregarding every democratic norms and electoral process of voting and today I am of the opinion that it will amount to a criminal negligence if people of Abia state fail to look into this cancerous disease destroying every democratic setting in Abia State” He said.

Dr. Orji Uzoh Kalu, Chief T.A. Orji and Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu All Abia State Governors till date

It will be recalled that Dr. Orji Uzoh Kalu in order to make sure that his decision is ultimate even had to float a political party named PPA, where his choice of governorship candidate was calculated and orchestrated – He achieved success when he  imposed his lackey, Chief T.A. Orji against all voice of reasoning and for whatsoever interest best known to him against the wishes of the Abia people.  

As would be expected Chief T.A. Orji had nothing to do with the governance of Abia in his first term in office but to remain answerable to his godfather who gave him the seat of power and the microphone to speak as a governor until he chooses to rebel and build his own turf. In so doing, it will be recalled that, he only succeeded in sinking Abia state to further misery and underdevelopment because he was never voted into any seat of governance in the first place, he has no programme of constructive development apart from carrying out the instruction of his boss.

Everything was pre-planned for his boss and not for the benefit of Abia people until both men chose to turn against each other and Abia state was shoved into the ditch without any person of moral standing to claim leadership.
Chief T.A. Orji had to assume a cult worship of himself with his Pictures emblazoned in every corner of the state if that alone will instill fear on anyone who dared to challenge his new found turf and it sure does paid off as he relished in cult worship with several titles to his name, Some designed to appease his hero status, in some instances he was even referred to as ‘Another Dede Sam Mbakwe’ – if only such reference could appease him to release more money to new home grown Praise singers who did not hesitate to adorn him with multiple awards as Best Governor in entire South East, Nigeria even better than Mr. Peter Obi of Anambra State! Hehehe

Today both Chief Orji Uzoh Kalu and Chief T.A. Orji are both in the Senate while Abia reels in filth and under-development.
Chief T.A. Orji before leaving office made sure his own circle grew beyond his boss, he looked around for all until he found a ready-made stooge that can be manipulated at will, a man of very low courage and politically helpless at the time of his ‘selection.’
Chief T.A. Orji, his family and circle of influencers found one Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu and picked him up from his 3 Bedroom rented apartment in Umuahia, gave him a seat and a microphone to speak as a governor while the destruction of Abia and everything industry Abia is known for continue to go down in filth and criminal neglect.

A that time, Rumors and feelers began to fly around as it is going around today about Okezie Ikpeazu seeking for his own lackey that will continue his own circle of enlarging the pigsty and dirt in Abia state, the former governor denied ever meddling into such matter, citing one document named ‘Abia Equity Charter.’  Everyone paid little attention to the underground game of political maneuvering until an Ikpeazu emerged from the blues as Governor of Abia state to the shock of entire Abians whom expressed disbelief as the election results of that season tilted from hope to complete dismay and confusion except for the few circles of influencers and Praise Singers.

Today, I want to believe the Abia State people should be wiser as various independent non – partisan, socio-cultural and even religious organizations began to emerge in every corner of Abia state enlightening the people not to repeat the mistakes of voter’s apathy and neglect that has brought the state so much environmental disaster completely disfiguring the once vibrant and beautiful Enyimba city of Abia, home of industry and entertainment.
There is, the Abia Political Movement, (APM) Mben Political Assembly,(MPA)  Africa Praise Network, (APNET) Abia Redemption Project (ARP) and many others working towards giving every voter the courage to make his vote count when it is time to chose your leaders.

Abia state do not deserve a repeat of the kind of men it continues to project as leaders in South East Nigeria and it behooves every resident and citizen of Abia state to stand his ground and join forces with many of these organization campaigning for good governance, praying and trusting almighty God to use the platform to raise men of credibility, competence and astute managerial skills to rebuild Abia State from the ruins and dirt it has been subjected to by individuals whose primary interest has always remained to serve the selfish interest of the godfathers who selected them and gave them the microphone to speak as governors.

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