How to handle people that don’t respond to chat messages

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Basically, this kind of a person should become nothing and a nobody to you. Don’t care about them or keep them in your daily thoughts

It can be often annoying and sometimes appear insulting when you are constantly being ignored during a chat message or if the other party by any means decline in responding to your numerous messages.

You do not have to worry yourself much about this kind of behavior as I have endeavored to analyze simple rules to checkmating this kind of misdemeanor

If it is someone I don’t know, or barely interacted with, and they were the ones who sent me friend request, I would consider them shallow people to not have responded to my message. It means they only wanted to add you to get that friend count up and possibly one more like on every profile picture. They would be at high risk of being unfriended. I would not care who they are. I would rather do things myself, or rely on people who will be there for me, than associate with people who only wanted to add you for popularity but would never care enough about you to reply to your message.

If that person is someone I had enough meaningful interactions with,
it would be very hard to unfriend them unless they of course did something to show that they are a very nasty individual. In this case, the very least I would do is stop messaging them and liking or commenting on their facebook or instagram posts. I would stop supporting anything and everything that is about them. If they are not going to give me the time of day to reply back or give a thoughtful response, I would not want to give that person any support from myself. So, again, that means no more social media likes or comments. Certainly no more messages ever again, no matter what. I would also go to the top of their timeline and press unfollow, while also being tempted to press “unfriend.”

Basically, this kind of a person should become nothing and a nobody to you. Don’t care about them or keep them in your daily thoughts. Give them nothing from then on. No likes. No comments. No messages. No thoughts or care about them.

As an example, I had this one acquaintance who likes me for my career plans. However, it became clear to me that all he wanted was to benefit from my potential success without investing in genuine friendship between the two of us. He acted like it was a burden whenever I planned hangouts. He also does not keep in touch like he said he wanted to. Therefore, I pressed unfollow so I would not have to give him what he does not deserve.

Should I feel it is appropriate, I might send them a followup message along the lines of “You know what, don’t bother. You don’t have to reply. I have already found the answer. I don’t need your input anymore. We don’t need to meet up to do whatever it is we once wanted to plan out.” This will quickly get them on the right track with you for fear of losing the connection they have with you.

To explain why they don’t want to reply to you, we need to stop beating around the bush with sugar-coating answers that most people give. The truth is they are not too busy to respond. They have seen the message and know that it is sitting there. Why then have they not responded? It is because they think you are not cool, worthy, or valuable enough for them to invest their time on you. That is the truth. And if you are a pretty cool and good person overall, they must have appealed to a dumb standard to think otherwise. This makes them shallow and, therefore, you must dissociate from people like that. If you are so worthless or such a loser in their eyes, then maybe you are not good enough to be on their friend list or “following” list. You should just unfriend or unfollow them.

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