Abia state; Women and religious leaders challenge the ruling powers

By Johnson kalu

Apostle Gad has been on the driver seat of these movements calling on the people of the state to join forces with his organization to enthrone righteousness as a culture in governance and present true leadership template

Abia state has been on headlines for numerous news and events bothering on leadership, governance and a ruling power that continue to defy all attempts to get the state working for the interest of its industrious populace of artisans and skilled entrepreneurs. From the burden of a ruling political class to a dynastic transfer of governance that continue to represent inherent failures and fraud at all corners. Many residents of Abia state were put aback in a shock at a recent interview on Politics Today by Channels television that went viral, where the present governor Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu had made reference to the opening of Domino Pizza outlets and Chicken Republic outlets as part of the investments his administration had attracted to the State. They think Abia has had enough of this class of political appointees acting as governors until feelers began to spread at beer joints and market places of an intention by the ruling dynasty of T.A. Orji to foist another ‘appointee’ as governor in the forthcoming 2023 elections in the same manner Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu was foisted on the state to do the bidding of his benefactors.

Abia State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu

The people of Abia state had decided to accept their fate until 2023 where the opportunity to change the statusquo will be wisely utilized but were shocked to hear rumours of a replacement from the circle of the same groups of individuals taking the state down the drains in a speed since 1999, most especially where it is alleged that politicians from Abia state had been fawning around the present governor to curry favour in order that he would hand over power to them in the forthcoming elections.
This is not a good time for a recycle of redundancy when states are gearing up whatsoever resources available to them to build a viable economy for their people. The question of handing over powers from the incumbent to a favourite of the ruling cabals mismanaging Abia state should never arise again especially where there are many options to elect competent individuals that will not be representing the interest of godfathers and benefactors.

More so, residents of the state are losing patience with the increasing excuses of failures of administrations upon administrations since 1999 till date. Some sections of the state have decided to take it upon themselves to seek for spiritual solutions to the failure of leadership in Abia state amidst other various non-partisan political groups like the Mben Political Assembly, Abia Political Movement, Abia Redemption Project, and recently additional group named African in Praise Network all located in the commercial city of Aba.
The African in Praise Network had embarked on series of spiritual exercises including occasional fasting and prayers and monthly prayer session where entire focus is dedicated to interceding and seeking for spiritual solution to the leadership crisis in Abia state.

A recent event is the ‘Abia Women on their Knees’ programme titled’ “Heal our land Oh Lord.” The Christian women group across the state alongside other residents of Abia state had embarked upon monthly prayer session and seminars organized on the 3rd of every month to sensitize the people of the state to prepare ahead for a change that should not only weed out the erstwhile political class that has continued to despoil and loot the state but will root out whatsoever spiritual manipulations they have employed to hold the people of the state down from challenging their glaring failures.

Apostle Reminder Chykwu. Gad

Led by Apostle Reminder C. Gad, the President of  African in Praise Network and Convener of the Abia Redemption Project, the yearlong activities of the Organisation include Leadership Training and sensitization to discourage the High Cost of election process (expenses by one man) which have given rise to god-fatherism in the system.
Apostle Gad has been on the driver seat of these movements calling on the people of the state to join forces with his organization to enthrone righteousness as a culture in governance and

present true leadership template he described as Purposeful leadership and encourage an all-inclusive and participatory governance.

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