Who is afraid of Bukola Saraki?

As the 2023 Elections began to gain recognition for the supreme game of Nigeria’s brand of democracy with the ongoing APC congress in several wards across the state, the incumbent administration and ruling party has begun to reveal early tactics of weeding trouble makers that might prove tough to manipulate or pose a strong challenge.
The courageous do not care a hoot while the lily livered are hurriedly making friends of former political foes and shouting APC!, the best Party, the best administration Nigeria ever had – In this austere time that over 80% Nigerians do not hide their frustration anymore.
Thanks to Facebook and all kinds of social media that has provided multiple platforms of protest even though it ends on Whatsapp and Facebook forums, Nigerians cared less!

News of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission having picked up a former president of the Nigerian Senate, Bukola Saraki, over allegations of theft and money laundering breezed through the city on Saturday, and before you begin to shout ‘what is it again?” some of us are still wondering how Dr. Ben Ayade, governor of Cross River state, a man well commended for representing the party that gave him the platform to prove his worth as a liberal and development conscious party faithful, How was he convinced to run away from Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and join APC, the party considered as ‘lame duck, with its leadership and everything the party stands for tilting towards failure and shame including its brand of management skills on the economy and security.

Every rumor on APC struggling to woo the likes of Saraki and many others may prove true with the manner they’re going in blind fold chasing imaginary enemies.
Revisiting of allegation of fraud hung on the neck of Senator Bukola Saraki after he dumped APC for PDP might be considered one of the tactics of vendetta used to break the knee of men who dare prove tough and Saraki’s shoes need to be cut short as he continues to prove tough under the umbrella of PDP. Every other method no matter how crude or manipulated had to be employed if only Saraki would scream APC!!! Change!!!
As with Emeka Ihedioha, Ikedi Ohakim and more, all warming up to run to the corner side of the witch broom party, only men with balls will stand their ground and face the battle headlong.

Bukola Saraki was detained on Saturday, sources familiar with the development said, a situation that may trigger another episode of troubles for the politician ahead the 2023 warm up.
As senate president between 2015 and 2019, Mr Saraki spent a considerable time facing allegations of corruption and false declaration of assets. He was acquitted by the Supreme Court in June 2018.
However, in his new case with the EFCC, Mr Saraki is to answer questions over alleged theft and laundering of public funds using a network of cronies and proxy companies.
The suspected proxies, who executed purported contracts for Kwara State under Mr Saraki, allegedly made returns, for many years, to the former governor, forming an organised network of dirty money flow.
The funds involved were huge, running into hundreds of millions in naira and hundreds of thousands in foreign currencies at various times, sources said.
Anti-graft investigators have obtained a list of the proxy companies involved and analysed a pattern of suspicious transactions between them and Mr Saraki.

How events like this only come to the knowledge of the unsuspecting public when there is a disagreement along party loyalty remains nothing but a gimmick employed by the Nigeria brand of democracy to improve the fraudulent act of cross carpeting if only it will compel any defaulter to fall in the line of the incumbent at the moment of revelations otherwise EFCC will be invited and you are left alone all by yourself to prove you got balls or face the lengthy and shameful media trial that might follow.

How to fight off foolish people

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