The Cost of Foreign Aids in Africa

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

It cost total disdain to the African to always hang at the receiving end all year round, it cost ridicule and disregard, worse all it breeds corruption, fuels laziness among the elites, destroys creativity and stiffens national economic progress.

As we celebrate another Africa Day across the world especially in China where the AU is most pronounced, I dig up my archives to find this piece written in 2017 or thereabout – and I am appalled but not surprised – Nothing has changed but the worse keep coming.

Please read:

“He that is down needs fear no fall”
Come to think of it, where will you fall into again? – The Hell of Fire? Hunger? Unemployment, Neglect and Ridicule? Frustration or Hopelessness? I think, to the African the first is a more threatening mind control weapon than all fears. This is the price tag for the African showcased in the stall, in the stall of world politics and religiosity. You’re doomed to hell if you rebel against the authority. But the modern-day African do not believe in anything except fear.
And the fears keep chasing him around while the magicians, the psychos, and the veiled deliverers of the black Africans keep baiting them around in fancy rattraps.

USAID relief package to Africa, Provide Relief to Africa, Mr. XYZ help you deliver relief to African nations in need, Educate African Girls, Non-profit Aid for Africa, Africa Orphans In Rwanda Need You, Send Books to Africans, $1 Can Save One Life in Africa, Help End Famine in Africa, XYZ Fighting Poverty and Disease in Africa and lots more very trashy headlines’.

80% Oversea Aid Agencies in a frenzy to rescue just one blessed continent, with as low as 5% genuine African presence – All these agencies, mostly voluntary organization are all oversea operated with 90% foreign membership and some oversea government influence.
‘Some benevolent, philanthropic colonialism’ according to a treatise by Malcolm X – You can’t hate Africa and not hate yourself, 1965.

Yea, Make them appear lazy, incapable of helping one and another and callous; they will practice it, make them seem religious they will cling to it with fervor and call for more help from the Almighty. Since the Almighty has seized from dropping manna from heaven and is often quoted ‘Slow and Silent Listener’ they will run to you for even toothpick and brooms to sweep their floors.

There is this picture of UN tented refugee camp in an African region on my table; I don’t need to quote the name, too much negative bells already ringing from couple of regions. Some UN WFP (World Food Programme) officials are afraid to go there unless the crisis there is abated, the business of sending this relief packages is becoming risky at times then here is another news clipping from one of these relief aid agency’s website advertising their services;

It’s becoming embarrassing, what it cost to rely on foreigners to build and feed your family while you sleep, while you bask in tie and suits sewn by the Aid agency or donated from his country of origin, while you flaunt your overfed bulgy-tummy and parachute dressing across the face of the world.They will ridicule you, a beggar is always ridiculed

“Africa became the land of Hunger, war, famine, and disease in this century, up to present day, ignorance, diseases, and poverty are on the rise. Africa is considered to be one of the poorest regions in the world because of natural disasters…”

Citing a particular region called ‘Horn of Africa’ and lots more negative and ridiculing name tags I am going to save my time by omitting them.

Now, how would you feel if all your name rings is negative, infamy and ridicule? How would you feel, blessed African, whenever you hit the web buttons or sit down to relax over a glass of beer all the picture you see on the TV and on news prints is some ‘beautiful’ unhealthy famished people queuing up for rice and crumbs with a pan in the hand, your own people!

Whenever you hit online or pick up the dailies, all the ugly headlines screams; War in Africa, Corruption in Africa, Provide Relief to Africa, Educate Africa, Aid for Africa, Africa Orphans, Africa this, Africa that. Most of the negative images Associated Press (AP) photographers could boast of largest collections are images of African destitute and despots. Would you quote me wrong?

That is what it costs to run a system of over-dependency on others to do your biddings. They have to make your situation look terribly pitiful so you could merit their largesse.

It’s becoming embarrassing, what it cost to rely on foreigners to build and feed your family while you sleep, while you bask in tie and suits sewn by the Aid agency or donated from his country of origin, while you flaunt your overfed bulgy-tummy and parachute dressing across the face of the world. They will ridicule you, a beggar is always ridiculed, they will treat you with contempt, they will insult you, kick you around and treat every of your children with disregard, you see, your foolishness is trading around and Africans are bearing the brunch of your carelessness and ignorance.

There’ve been too many reports of African rulers and elites receiving relief packages and diverting them for selfish purposes. Then one day, former South African President, Thabo Mbeki stated;

“How long will we continue with the begging bowl”

One of the prominent priorities of newest baby of Africa’s numerous development plans ‘NEPAD’ (New Partnership for Africa’s Development) is the need for investment in infrastructural development and the need to boost Africa’s trade imbalance with so called Super Powers.

Many of these young Africans running away from harsh economic realities are simply tired with this too much English speaking and paper rhetoric all the time. Simply put; When you build your home, feed your children, build your environment so that it covers man’s natural inefficiencies, the world will celebrate you, they will tout you as Strong, economically viable, Developed, socially active, and all there is that goes to who the world envies, they will simply respect you.

 In those days when you queue up for visas at any US embassy with the Chinese, you can easily tell the extent of contempt, and my Chinese student will humiliatingly walk back to base with a sneer;

“I don’t like Americans”
but recently US has suddenly increased visa quotas for Chinese tourists visiting the States, Many are even returning back home. You do know the reason why.

Most of these oversea countries African rulers look up to are full of holes – rat holes! They got their own problems and pitiful situations too but you won’t notice that because the government takes care of the farmers-big time, they take care of the artisans, they pay maximum attention to the quality of education and educators, they make sure the environment do not encourage frustration for the creative and less privileged – they provide electricity and quality roads as a priority!
 These government and her agents believes that they have no other country than the one they’d taken up loyalty to build and protect, The government takes care of their own with deep commitment to build and where the government is in financial strait to continue, privileged individuals of such country wades in.

In many of this so-called Developed Countries, almost every privileged family runs a Foundation, from Scholarship Trust Fund to Support Group in divers’ professional areas – Children grow up without the fear of achieving their academic and career potentials, the government and privileged individuals build houses for the destitute so that you could rarely see them queuing up for UN relief packages.

History classic; November 10, 2008. Congolese rebel Chief Laurent Nkunda whined like a mad boar “I will fight African peacekeeping troops if they attack me” as concerns grew at that time that East Congo’s conflict could spread to neighbouring regions.
But No, The man knew where his bread is been buttered; he wouldn’t have to shoot even a stray bird! People do the shooting for him for bread and crumbs.

They are hungry and lacking virtually everything life could afford, the young people that were shooting for Laurent Nkunda are frustrated; there is certainly a limit to frustration, if I am pushed beyond humanity, tendencies are, I will pick the gun, and I will rob somebody, if you give me some bread and pennies I will even shoot somebody for you.

But where do all these guns come from, African people? There are more guns in Africa than in the countries that produce these guns and ship them to Africa to some Guerilla warlords with a truckload of relief aids following. The guerilla warlord is certainly not happy that he is shooting and killing his own people, simply put; he is frustrated of some big wigs fancy talkers always begging for aids from the international community and stealing money meant for education, roads and the infrastructural decay almost all over Africa that has given birth to NEPAD and so many other Africa’s Development Plans that ends on paper and fancy meetings.

The last statement I could remember where Africa’s foreign aid issue brought people together for those ‘big talks’ (there are too many of such meetings) was made by former UN Secretary General, the late Kofi Anan. He said;

“Africans’ best efforts will be insufficient unless they receive greater international support.”

And the international supporters replied them;
“Any new money given to you would be highly conditional and restricted to those countries that meet the G-8’s political and economic criteria.” And the fiery outspoken Libyan leader Late Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi (RIP), replied;
“We accept help, but we refuse conditions. We are not beggars.”

31st October 2011, there was an outcry all over Africa over a statement considered very demeaning by a couple of African ordinary people. The then British Prime Minister David Cameron had given another crazy condition to these Africans, he said;

“Struggling nations’ will receive funding ‘fines’ if persecution of gays continues”

Struggling nation could be any nation so there was a moderate silence over this statement until in Perth, Australia, he repeated the same threat while delivering a speech at the gathering of Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, Cameron threatened to cut aid to governments of “countries that persecute homosexuals” unless they stop punishing people in same-sex relationships, Citing Uganda and Ghana as an example.
On hearing this, headline news in many African countries and the Africans themselves went viral; calling Mr. Cameron an “agent of the devil.” And an editorial in the Ghanaian Chronicle advised; “Cameron can go to hell with his aid!”

That is what it cost to belong to those always on the queue for foreign aids. Everybody will simply suspect you even when you naturally do not pose any danger

To prove his point, the British Government did use Malawi as a scapegoat ahead of time as they cut aid to Malawi by £19 million from £200 million the country had already received in the past three years after two gay men were sentenced to 14 years hard labour.
The Ugandan presidential adviser Mr. John Nagenda in response told the BBC that “Ugandans were tired of these lectures” and should not be treated like children.” Homosexual acts are illegal in Uganda and most other African countries and many people in Africa see it as violating religious and cultural beliefs.

An Editorial in the Ghanaian Daily Chronicle condemning such extent of ridicule reads;
“The Chronicle does not believe that the aid that the British government has extended to Ghana, since we gained independence from their draconian rule, can equal half of the money they stole from us. All over the world, everybody has got his or her own culture, which makes them distinct from others. Based on our cultural practices, we Africans do not tolerate same sex marriage, which David Cameron must accept the same way Africans respect their position on polygamous marriage.”

A rejoinder to that editorial asked rhetorically; “Why can’t Cameron say this to India, a country where if gays are caught will have their dick chopped off? Why can’t Cameron legalise prostitution in UK? Banning prostitution is an infringement on the rights of those who believe in it. Why can’t Cameron allow polyandry to be practiced in the UK, a law banning it is also an infringement on human rights”
While all these ordinary Africans feel the scorn, there was no official statement by any responsible government in the 54 nations in Africa to warn these “rude boy” to be careful with his ‘careless statement’ even the late Honourable Atta Mills of Ghana whose country was quoted in the sarcasm kept his cool probably for diplomatic reasons.

This is what it cost to let foreigners build your homes and run your system, build your schools, supply you even drinking water, supply you truck loads of biscuits and food to eat, undies to cover your bare bottom, spoons, even toys for the kids and medicines for common headaches.  They will treat you with the worst disrespect known to man, they will scorn you, although they might seem helpful but they are ‘veiled’ deliverers of the African people.
Will they stop shipping the guns? Negative NO! Will they scorn the globe-trotting African rulers to show them that they’re not happy with their unproductiveness? No! They will rather help him keep monies meant for all developmental projects in Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria, Congo, Guinea, Uganda, Ghana, Somali etc. in Swiss Banks and now in the US and give all his families and concubines Visas to run away from Africa while they mock the common people, Me and You.

Will they ever give you any due regard accorded all humanity? Maybe some will and that’s with a scorn.
It cost total disdain to the African to always hang at the receiving end all year round, it cost ridicule and disregard, worse all it breeds corruption, fuels laziness among the elites, destroys creativity and stiffens national economic progress.

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