The Diary of an angry Black Man

“Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy” – Aristotle Onasis

By Njoku SaintJerry A.

Anger is a product of anxiety; Anxieties unmet result to frustration, a frustration of self, a frustration induced by environmental circumstances and the society at large. Every human under the face of the sun is anxious at something, the failure to meet with the objective(s) of our anxieties produce multi-facet actions and reactions – of all the reactions propelled by our anxieties – the most potent is anger!

Anger is universal and the most freely used tool of expression against any object that literally inhibit or impede your sense of fulfillment albeit vague but it gives the individual a sense of relief at his present predicament. I want a relief from my present predicament, both social and economic, virtually every individual wants relief from whatsoever situation he found himself that is not in harmony with his expectations.

Expectation varies; it could be spiritual, physical, political or simply socio-economic – Of all expectations, the most potent is socio-economic. When a people socio-economic need is at variance with their expectations it produces a conflict with self and the authorities that control the distribution of goods and services that defines the economic position of that society. Where there is comfort, even at average margin the inhabitants of that society is adjudged humane, independent in decision making and at peace with themselves and the authorities of that society, at least at an even margin and where there is a discomfort or such as defined as extreme discomfort, the inhabitants of that society is abysmally a complete opposite of everything humane, deprived and perpetually in conflict with themselves and the authorities of that society.

Virtually every black African I am privileged to have shared some deep moments with both living and the dead, both Diaspora and Continental Africans shares this deficiency; a bottled up aggression at self and the society, an aggression caused by unmet expectations influenced by unfortunate environmental condition, waiting for an opportunity to burst and vent anger on anyone within the purview of their comfort level. Such condition leaves the individual trapped in a frame of misplaced grudges, hate and anger at both the environment and imaginary forces. Such individual certainly can be set free but not without the cooperation and participation of authorities that controls his natural environment otherwise we’ll all remain this moving time bomb – the ruler and the ruled.

…An opportunity calls
As the raging CORONA VIRUS DISEASE-2019 (a.k.a. COVID-19) crawl into the African continent, it came with a scorecard and a whip in addition to its colossal devastating effect; A score-card on Africa’s Healthcare status and a whip on her rulers for its historic negligence on the development of healthcare infrastructure. As count of infected cases increases with growing number of deaths, it signaled a time to look inward and attend to our own emergencies; by now, only two major emergencies had existed virtually in all situations of national challenge – The first is Physical infrastructure; already moribund and struggling for attention even at the Presidency, the healthcare infrastructure has not been reliable.

Second is Spiritual Infrastructure; this one cuts across all boundaries and abound in full measure and ready at hand at any time therefore one would have expected a common reaction prevalent among larger number of the population, the usual sublime activities of prayer chains, fasting, spiritual cleansing of the land and deliverance prayers to kick the foreign disease out of Africa in one united patriotic activism since there is yet any reliable healthcare infrastructure that is capable of confronting the challenge of COVID-19.

More so, the crisis had called for cooperation with health workers in adherence to regular advertorials of instructions from the government and private institutions on measures of combating the raging disease from further spread across regional boundaries and within the communities, however, as both government and private institutions keep struggling to enlighten the citizenry to abstain and adopt healthier behaviors that would limit the spread of the virus and bring back normalcy to the socio-economic well being of the people, the citizenry found a common ground to revolt.

All of a sudden the unsolicited ubiquitous regular chains of prayer request seized, not for the country, not for the leaders and certainly not for anybody but for yourself and your family alone. I took a closer observation of communities where I am privileged to have a fair knowledge of various groups and individuals whom before now had led various ‘Pray for the nation’ Pray for your leaders, pray for this, fast for that, call to action revivals – all those unsolicited patriotism stalled, not on sms, not on emails and certainly not on any Whatsapp or social media platforms – I waited to be proved wrong!

A pandemic resulting to a national disaster soon ushered in an opportunity for the ordinary folks to unleash their anger and frustration at everything including self as they took to social media handles to portray classic indifference at the fate of the country and its people.
In a manner that depicts a comedy skits, several voice notes and amateur videos with very strong and embarrassing text messages began to emerge from a handful of courageous young and middle-aged men and women both from home and abroad, invoking spiritual and ancestral forces to strike their rulers dead with the virus, some praised the emergence of the plague as judgment of God upon their rulers.

One particular video had the young man passionately praying to the ‘Almighty God’ to let the COVID-19 do justice on all the African rulers without mercy, he took a step further calling out names of each African ruler starting from General Mohammed Buhari of Nigeria and his entire cabinet, in some cases he had to analyze the alleged crimes of the ruler and number of years the ruler has spent in power without any outstanding development on the country healthcare and infrastructures other than neglect and mayhem on his people.

The ordinary folks all of a sudden found a common ground to unanimously revolt against the authority with one weapon they considered as potent, does not accept bribe, non ethnic, non partisan and non discriminatory – the COVID-19 plague

As if such abrasive messages was not enough embarrassment, many of the citizenry refuse to accept the existence of the spreading disease but declared the government actions as a nouveau approach to extension of fraud and corruption by the political elites using COVID-19 Warning Advertorials to attract the sympathy of Western donors to raise money for nothing other than continue to gratify bloating egos and selfish interest of the political elites – in some instances, anonymous social media handlers have threatened to write the UN, EU or any International Donor not to give any more money to the Nigeria government as the citizenry alleged; “All funds donated for the purpose of combating the disease and supporting citizens whose businesses and livelihoods may have been adversely affected – has been diverted with only a handful of camera flashlight of sharing ceremony of palliative measures” – the ordinary people did everything within their capacity to flout all stipulated rules of safety and containment of the spreading disease even at their own health hazards.

A relief in anger, hate and distrust
But what brought Africans to such levels of distrust and hate for their rulers and political elites, so much that at the slightest opportunity they wish them dead on spot, become rebellious and chose to flout all existing rules even at their own hurt, some will even chose to die in error than listen to any instruction from the government except where such rules are enforced by military fiat.

Now I ask; what could make a man so angry so much that he set his own house on fire, ridicule his father in the public even when they need help, he writes to sympathizers to ignore the cries of his father for help and wish his father outright death – is his anger justified?, what impact will such anger leave on the ruling class

Time has changed, so do people in the space of time – The great teacher said; When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked rule, the people groan – In Africa too many wicked men has been on the driver seat, the seat of power and opportunities and has ruled with so much indifference to the plight of the people while the citizenry grows in number and watches in despair.

The great teacher said; Hope deferred make the heart full of anxiety – such anxiety produces anger and frustration – Where the number of the wicked in the seat of Power in Africa continue to increase, and the hope of the citizenry remain dashed continually because of crass neglect of the people’s welfare and providing functional environment for the people to pursue inherent opportunities, it will only be biblically fulfilling for the people to rebel and wish death at their oppressors and rejoice when such dies or anyone within that circle of influence dies! –

When anger becomes a useful tool
I received a video clip of a supposedly British Representative addressing two young African migrants that found themselves within the territory of Britain on their way to Europe.
The two young Africans migrants from appearance, are likely, refugees seeking a safe abode anywhere in Europe –They listened carefully at the tirade was shoved down their throats; and in that video, the man told the two young men; “I represent a lot of people in Britain; We don’t want any more migrant coming to our country, We want to look after our own people, when you come here it makes things more difficult for us– Do not come to England” – and the two young men meekly nodded in silence.
As China claim total recovery from the COVID-19 menace, it began to advertise to foreigners to return to China for business, according to a Yiwu Immigration Police Officer in another viral video, He said, “Dear Foreign Friends” Thank you for your support during the fight against the Corona Virus epidemic, The Disease has been controlled, “You are welcome back to China”
A lot of foreigners including Africans set off to China for business or whatsoever it was that catches their fancy at such an austere time, traveling to China was still considered a risky adventure.

No sooner had the Africans arrived China for business, the authorities beamed a searchlight on many of them and declared them ‘endangered visitors’ with one recorded case of COVID-19 patient, a Nigerian. New quarantined measures were introduced, this time with many Africans subjected to multiple14 days along with other very humiliating experience if you had been a resident or married to a Chinese by this time, the African husband would be separated from the Chinese wife.

The Africans cried foul, screamed racism and called upon their rulers for rescue, the African rulers issued statements upon statements, the treatment did not abate, pictures of Africans with bags strapped upon their shoulders roaming the streets of China Southern city of Guangzhou in the wet cold of the night, exposed to the dangers of the spreading plague did not deter the authorities as more shopping malls and public parks continue to shut the doors against Africans within that territory. China gave its own side of the story and denied all wrong; the African rulers or a selected few acquiesced while the disdain and ridicule continued.

A striking incident happened, a young African who was visiting China on business had objected the second compulsory laboratory test for reason he alluded as ‘suspicion’ of the intention of Guangzhou health authorities, a scuffled ensued and out of anger he hit one of the health workers in the face giving him a bruise skin – all tables were upturned against all Africans residing in this region for the sake of such effrontery by their own until a certain Nigerian diplomat in one of the African consulates in Guangzhou intervened.

The news caught attention of the global community and was heavily frowned upon until the African rulers were compelled to issue second wave of statements, this time taking drastic actions and making specific demands for justice and mutual respect. China eventually replied with official statement of regrets and adjustment to such institutional reaction

Anger does have its rewards, but like the great teacher said; “to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose” – This is great wisdom – and the great teacher added; Wisdom is a defense and it give life to those who have it – Whether the African ruler has it and is using it judiciously is a cause for debate and whether the young angry African has is it and has employed it judiciously to call his rulers to order remains debatable also

A cupful of anger – a call to responsibility
Like the British Official told the fresh from the boat washed off migrants – “We want to take care of our people” – African rulers should take care of his people!
It would be revealing when you find out that this is the only legacy life would honor you with while you are alive and at your demise – Take care of your people!

All that political power the African political elites wield about, the privileged positions, aides and hanger-ons, luxuries and life of affluence, oppressing the citizenry with your hanger-ons and security aides have only succeeded in attracting one sure thing to you – A cupful of anger, Hate, Distrust and extended Enemies, although they pretend to love you and hail you at all corners, in their closest you are just an old idiot and a fool!

The oversea countries you have perpetually continue to lap around because of the aids, loans and grants they give you do not think any different of you either – No friend, foreign or local will love the father and despise the son – the Diaspora Africans at the receiving end of all the scourges and humiliation overseas in China, Europe and anywhere else in the world has presented a perfect example of what the world thinks of you, African ruler, even while you exist, how much more when you are dead.

African rulers will win the affection and respect of their citizenry the day you chose to recognize the ordinary citizenry as one great family member under your care, African rulers will win the respect of their citizenry the day he chose to represent the people in truth and sincerity and not take their unfortunate socio-economic predicament as a tool of servitude to win ‘forced’ loyalty. Put your house in order and stop embarrassing everyone else except yourself.

“If you continue to pretend to love us we will continue to pretend to mourn you at your funerals while the people wish your corpse even a second death”
Africans have a culture of honoring the dead, from where I come from, some honorary rites of the dead could last as long as 7 Days depending on the age of the deceased as a mark of respect. It is unnatural to rejoice over the demise of any humanity unless such an individual was such a calamity and a menace during his existence – then such excitement would be a mere fulfillment of words of the great teacher.

Do not stoke the fire that will burn you and everything you have worked for at your demise, Do not use your prerogative of office to brew an angry generation that will turn against you at any slight opportunity, Serve your country, take care of your own people and they will certainly take care of you.
That is national pride!

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